Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: A Bright Future for Us All

Happy New Moon!

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs on Monday, Dec 14th at 8:17 am PT.

The positive potentials of our New Moon are unprecedented.

The cosmic alignments are amplified by the power of the eclipse, creating a unique opportunity for awakening.

A total Solar eclipse amplifies the shadow held within the hidden realms of awareness. It illuminates what has not yet been seen.

With this New Moon you can receive a new connection your inner Guidance, with expanded realizations of inner wisdom, truth and wholeness. You’ll experience the power of the light you hold within, that which is hidden from sight and most sacred.

These strengthened perceptions will enable you to experience new freedom, through trusting your intuition and alignment with spiritual truth. This is your inner wisdom, beyond external information, including mistaken beliefs and ideas of reality.

The Solar eclipse will also highlight (amplify) the current shadows in our culture, especially fear-based patterns and systems of control. In Sagittarius the collective shadow is expressed through all forms of dogma. This includes the control of information and manipulation of our perceptions of ‘reality.’

The current pervasive patterns of manipulation, especially through the control of information and access to truth, will be revealed in new ways.

For those who are aligned within, the revelations will lead to inspiration, with feelings of optimism and fortunate change, and new experiences of personal freedom, focus, and clarity for moving forward.

A Time of Fortunate Change

Our New Moon tarot spread highlights the positive opportunity before you.

This is a time to trust your intuition and the power of a new beginning.

Commit to clarity and heart-centered focus as you move forward (Princess of Swords).

Be willing to release preconceptions about the nature of reality so you can receive new infusions of awareness, inspiration and blessing (Eight of Wands, Swiftness).

You’ll recognize your alignment with the new potentials through energies of optimism, fulfillment, and focused determination toward a brilliant future (The Fool).

The Fool also says that it’s not necessary to know the specifics of how we’ll get there. What matters is your trust and faith in the future, and your focus in the present moment.

By using your will to choose your point of focus and align with inner truth (The Princess and the Eight of Wands), you’ll tap into new reserves of authentic happiness and joy, with a deep trust in the processes of Life that sustain you (The Empress).

We truly are at a potent point of opportunity in the history of our world.

As Steven Shroyer says in his astrology article,

This is THE Lunar cycle to make a positive shift toward freedom. You hold the power to see the truth of the world from your individual point of view.
Nobody but you has the authority to determine your spiritual reality.
This is the time to stand for your truth, with the hope that others will join you in your quest.
(See link below.)

The more of us who join together now, with focus, determination and joy-filled intention, the more powerful our shift will be.

  • It’s time to show up.
  • Choose curiosity, optimism, faith and trust.
  • Align with the wisdom and light you hold within.

The choices we make now, individually and together, will have the power to turn probability into a positive reality for the future of our world.

This truly is a pivotal point, perhaps the most important Lunar cycle of our lifetime. Remember that you hold within what you need to know.

These energies will unfold in the days and weeks to come. I’ve included some resources below with more helpful information. I encourage you to take some time to explore what’s here, and then share the good news.

It’s time to join hands and commit to the world we envision for ourselves, for our Earth, and for the future generations to come.

With Much Love,


PS – Please scroll down for my New Moon video message and the links to additional resources.

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Eclipse Articles and Resources:

  • Global Meditation to Activate the Light. Group meditation has been demonstrated to affect change in significant and tangible ways. Join thousands of people world-wide for a free global meditation during the eclipse, hosted by spiritual teacher Jai Dev Singh: Returning to the Heart – Total Solar Eclipse Activation. (Monday’s event will be recorded, so you can also participate at a later date.)
  • New Moon Astrology article by Steven Shroyer: Solar Eclipse Good News – Experiencing the Hidden Reality of Life. Steven’s article goes into depth on the principles of Sagittarian consciousness, with specific reasons why this New Moon gives us the power to anchor a new trajectory for our world.
  • New Moon Astrology article by Astrobutterfly Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – REBOOT.  This article gives a great summary of the power of new revelations, in terms of the eclipse activation through the north and south nodes (Gemini and Sagittarius – past and future – shadow and light).
  • The Path of the Eclipse. Information from on the actual path of the Solar eclipse through South America. By learning the specific path of the total eclipse, you can tap into the energy of all of the people who are witnessing the actual event.

Solar Eclipse Message: Dec. 14 – Jan. 12

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