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November – Step Seven: Cosmic Consciousness

Learning to Live in the Light
Review Path: The Nine Dimensions and the Realms of Light

Workshop Handouts
Nine Dimensions Review
Workshop Recordings – Saturday
Workshop Recordings – Sunday
Recordings – Nov. Circles

October – Step Six: Realization

The Power of Liberation and Living in the Light
Review Path: Four Fold Way & Cross of Dharma

Workshop Handouts
Four Fold Way Review
Workshop Recordings – Saturday
Workshop Recordings – Sunday

September – Step Five: Regeneration

The Power of Choice, Healing, Love & Will
Review Path: Astrology

Workshop Handouts
Astrology Review
Circle Handouts
Recordings – Saturday Workshop
Recordings – Sunday Workshop
Recordings – Sept. Circles

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July & August – Step Four: Organization

Crossing the Veil and Connecting with Your Higher Self.
Review Topic: Energy Medicine

Workshop Handouts
Astrology for July
Activites and Practices
Review Topic for July: Energy Medicine
Recordings – July & August Circles
July Workshop – Sat, July 21
July Workshop – Sun, July 22

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June – Step Three: Revelation

Embracing the Power of Change
Review Topic: Energy Fields & Relationships

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May – Step Two: Awakening

Connecting with the Power of the Subconscious
Review Topic: Feng Shui

Workshop Handouts
Activities and Practices
Review – Feng Shui
Recordings – May Circles
May Workshop – Sat. May 19
May Workshop – Sun. May 20


April – Step One: Bondage

The Power of Conscious Embodiment
Review Topic: Lunar Cycle

Workshop Handouts
Activities and Practices
Review Handouts – The Lunar Cycle
Recordings – Sat, April 21
Recordings – Sun, April 22

Recordings – April Circles

March – “Unfoldment” & Personal Leadership in the Dog Year

Introduction to the Seven Steps of Unfoldment
Review Topic: Tarot and Oracle Language

Workshop Handouts
Introduction to Personal Leadership Signatures
Review Handouts – Intro to Tarot
Recordings – Saturday, March 17
Recordings – Sunday, March 18
Recordings – Circles

February – Year of the Dog

February – Personal Astrology for 2018

Workshop Handouts
Record Sheets
Practices and Activities
Other Activities and Resources
      • Film: “Sensitive: The Untold Story” Available on Gaia TV. A documentary about temperament traits of highly sensitive people. New insights from psychology and brain research to help us all understand the superpowers of empaths.


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