2018 Year of the Dog Presentations

What does the Dog Year hold in store for YOU?
Order your 2018 “Year of the Dog” presentation to find out.

2018 is a year of powerful opportunities for lasting change.

The information in this valuable presentation will help you better understand the unique nature of this year so that you can show up for the challenges and experience the best the year holds in store.

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You will receive the following:
  • The Audio Recording of Elizabeth’s Dog Year talk on Feb. 23, 2018
  • Year of the Dog Booklet – pdf version
  • Year of the Dog Slideshow – pdf version (these images accompany the recording)

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Bonus Offering!

Order by April 30 and we’ll mail you the special bound version of the handout.

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All proceeds from this year’s Dog Year Talk go toward the Mystery School scholarship fund.


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