Scorpio New Moon: Living from the Heart

Happy New Moon!
The Scorpio New Moon occurred on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 8:02 am PT.

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This powerful Lunar month holds a welcome signature of cooperation and ease.

The Prince of Cups in tarot represents the Scorpio Moon. He is the Warrior of the Heart, committed to moving forward in life from a place of emotional truth.

The ease that is associated with this New Moon will come through your experience of flow, when you move within, pay attention to what has heart and meaning, and then allow yourself to move forward to connect with others from this place of inner truth.

Each moment of life is filled with opportunity for healing and new awareness.

Feel deeply. Trust your heart. Appreciate the strength of your connections, and allow yourself to expand into new possibilities. There’s much beauty in store.

I wish each of you a month filled with ease and grace and abundant well being.


P.S. Scroll down for my New Moon video message. Here’s Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology Report.

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New Moon Message: Nov. 7 – Dec. 6

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