A Special Message for Today’s New Moon

Happy New Moon!

The Cancer New Moon was at 10:33 am PT.

This is the second Cancer New Moon of 2020, which is giving us a rare opportunity for a re-boot. The first Cancer Moon occurred on Summer Solstice with the invitation to anchor a new commitment to personal allegiance and your highest path of purpose. The three eclipses of this month amplified these potentials.

Now we’re bringing it all forward.

The energies of possibility are focused now into a powerful moment of new birth.

In anticipation of the full New Moon message, which will come later today, I’m sending you today’s Daily GOLD message, which speaks to the beautiful possibility of healing and transformation that’s available to us all.

This message comes from the energies that we received today at dawn.

I send this with love and the invitation to us all to reach into our hearts and trust the healing that comes when we’re willing to be fully present to the power of Love to heal.


Here’s Your Daily GOLD

The message for today is “Return to Nature.”

The Sabian archetype for 28 Cancer is “An indigenous young woman introduces her new lover to her assembled tribe.”

Today the Universe offers you an opportunity for rebirth. This comes through your willingness to make a new connection to the Earth and the wisdom of your soul.

In the message you are the ‘new lover’ finding your true home. The ‘assembled tribe’ represents returning to the wisdom of your body and the Earth.

The opportunities for healing are potent and powerful.

This includes the power to clear the transgressions of the past and create a new foundation for moving forward, not just for yourself but for our world.

Hold space for love and the courage to show up for whatever has been broken or lost.

Welcome home those parts of yourself that have been rejected or ashamed or afraid.

Use your will and your imagination to connect to the wisdom of your body and your soul.

Pay attention with your heart to what has meaning and value.

What would it mean to surrender all of your other altars and come to the altar of the Earth?

This is where true healing occurs.

The errors and misunderstandings of the past can become the foundation for a new beginning.

We can forgive ourselves and each other.

Trust your body. Trust the Earth. Trust the love that holds us all.

The Universe

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