About Elizabeth Schermer


Elizabeth’s life journey has been a quest for the secrets of human potential.  She is inspired by the search for healing tools and wisdom teachings that help each of us connect with our inner self so that we can embody our unique power and purpose in the world.


Elizabeth founded the Alchemy Mystery School in 2012.

Here's a bit of her personal story and how the Mystery School came to be.

“We are each here to remember the truth of who we are. The Mystery School was born through this personal journey of remembering.


“I grew up in Port Angeles, Washington, with my parents and four siblings. I loved living near the ocean and mountains. Exploring and camping in the rainforest of Olympic National Park was one of my favorite things.

“As a young child I loved school. Much of middle school and high school, however, wasn’t so much fun. I knew there must be a better way. After graduating from University I discovered the Montessori philosophy of education and I found my new home.


“Over the next 20 years I explored the nature of human potential, working both with young children and adolescents. They were my teachers.


“The children showed me that:

  • our true guidance comes from within.
  • our essence is naturally loving, eager, cooperative, and generous.
  • we are each gifted with unlimited potential and the capacity to heal whatever holds us back.
  • challenge, difficulty, and error are a natural part of life and cause for celebration.
  • within a properly prepared environment (within and outside of the self) we will each find what we need for our own growth and expansion.

“These are the principles that still inform my work today. The young people taught me who we really are and prepared me for the next step of my journey.


“Although my life was rich, there were obstacles to my personal development, and much of my life was defined by a series of unconscious and limiting beliefs. Over time, I lost touch with my vitality. I fell asleep.


“The “waking up” happened in a moment of grace. Suddenly, in the fall of 2001, I remembered the earlier feeling of connection to my true self and my natural vitality.  I could see that I had wandered off course. I didn’t know what to do, so I asked the Universe for help. Within a few short months everything had changed. I received regular energy sessions, connected with a new community of support, and expanded my intuition to experience my connection to a multitude of non-physical friends and guides. Together these experiences and helpers pointed me on the path to healing and my new work in the world.


“I tell this story because we are all on journeys of remembering. My life continues to unfold with more magic and love and well being than I could have ever imagined. I have an amazing life filled with wonderful friends and companions and every day is an adventure.

Elizabeth Schermer

Abbreviated Biography

  • Founded The Alchemy Mystery School in 2012.
  • Launched  Fundamental Feng Shui, private consulting practice, in 2004.
  • Received certification in Classical Feng Shui from the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in 2004.
  • Received Geomancy (dowsing) training in 2004.
  • Certified as a Reiki Master in 2003.
  • Certified in Montessori education from the Association Montessori International, AMI.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies.
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