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Alchemy 101


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The Next Seattle Program Launches March, 2020.

Alchemy 101 is our premier program, designed to help you create practical, powerful, and lasting changes in your life. The process is personal and creative and supports all types of learners in all walks of life. In our nine months together your life will unfold in remarkable ways with new tools, new strategies, and a dynamic system of support.


Program Overview

March & April : The Dance of Fate and Freedom

Overview of Astrology for 2018, Introduction to Tarot, Personal Intuitive Readings, Group Protocols and Activating Your Intentions for Our Year.

Signatures of the Lunar Phases, Your Natal Sun/Moon Signature, Using Tarot with the Lunar Cycle. Manifesting with the Moon.

  • Themes: Connecting with Your Higher Self through Intuition, Oracle Cards, and the Lunar Cycle.
  • Topics: Overview of 2018 Astrology and the Year of the Earth Dog. Personal Freedom & Karma, Fate, and Destiny. The Seven  Laws that govern the Universe. How to read oracle cards. The power of the Lunar Cycle.
  • Tools: The Oracle of Tarot. The Eight Phases of the Lunar Cycle. New Moon Manifesting (with advanced techniques). Chinese Astrology and practical tools for the Year of the Dog. Guidelines for establishing and strengthening your personal daily practice.

May & June: The World of Form

“Spring Cleaning for the Soul.” Feng Shui principles and practices for your Home and your Life.

The Energy of Relationships. Everything in your life is a relationship! Learn to read the language of the energy fields within your environment. Introduction to Space Clearing.

  • Themes: Feng Shui, Relationships & How to Read Symbolic Language in Your Life
  • Topics: Healing practices for body and home. How to read the symbols in your environment and apply them to your life. How the four types of clutter affect you.  Methods for creating sacred space.  The Feng Shui Bagua.
  • Tools: Clutter Clearing Practices, Creating Personal Altars, Using Feng Shui cures and enhancements, Mapping the Bagua in your Home. Animal medicine. Body dowsing. Energy fields of relationships. The Medicine Wheel. Principles of Sacred Sites. Creating Sacred Space as a personal practice.

July & August: The World of Energy

Chakras and Energy Medicine. Powerful tools and practices for directly connecting with your energetic body. Guidance for integrating the tools of energy medicine with the tools and practices from the previous modules.

In place of the August workshop you’ll receive weekly video tutorials that continue the lessons on energy medicine. You will be able to access these at your own pace. Our two evening circles will offer opportunity for Q&A.

  • Themes: Energy Medicine & Connecting with the Universe Within
  • Topics: Your personal energy system: chakras, meridians, and energy fields. What it means to bridge “Heaven and Earth.” Connecting with your Higher (Inner) Self, intuition, and the creative potential of your subtle (energy) body. The energy fields of personal Relationships. Reiki as a universal healing modality. The Planets and our chakras. Tarot Chakra spreads.
  • Tools: A variety of powerful Chakra Clearing exercises and visualization tools, Reiki Level I Attunement, Living the Medicine Wheel, the Seven Directions meditation practice, Self Treatment practices.

September & October: Your Blueprint of Destiny


Reading Your Personal Blueprint of Destiny. Tools and Practices for Decoding Your Natal Astrology Chart.

The Cross of Dharma & Four-Fold Way. This workshop reveals powerful ways to connect your astrology chart with your daily life. This is life-changing material that you’ll only receive here.

  • Astrology & the Living Universe
  • Topics: The living Zodiac. The planets as Chakras. Anatomy of your Natal Chart. Identifying your unique gifts and claiming your shadow. Meaning of the Fall Equinox. Applying Tarot to your astrology chart.
  • Tools: Access points to your natal chart. Integrating astrology and Tarot. Connecting personally with the 12 month cycle of the Zodiac and the power of the monthly Lunation Cycle. The frequencies of the planets in our solar system. A Fall Equinox celebration.

November: Being and Becoming the Alchemist of Your Life


What it Really Means to Become an Alchemist in Your Daily Life.
Tools for embodying and activating your personal Cross of Dharma and highest potentials.

  • Themes: Your Lineage of Personal Power & The Hidden History of the Earth
  • Topics: Anchoring your personal wisdom tools. The significance of past lives and Earth’s history. Looking forward: Tools for personal mastery in the Winter season. Review and integration of the year’s explorations.
  • Tools: Applying the Four-Fold Way and Cross of Dharma to your Daily Life. Tarot “Lift-off” Spread. Taking the tools you’ve learned to the next level.

AND IN NOVEMBER: Our Mystery School Trip to Peru, Nov. 15 – 28


The Format – Designed for Lasting Change

This program has been carefully designed to provide the perfect balance of optimal support while integrating easily into your busy life.

The structure is both organized and flexible, designed to support your personal integration. We meet in person three times each month. The workshop and evening circles provide a rhythm of regular touchstones and creative infusion of new tools and practices.

Complete audio recordings and monthly review sessions support your integration of the material. The combination of wisdom teachings and personal coaching  enables you to integrate transforming principles and practices into your daily life.

Monthly Workshops

  • Held the first Saturday of each month, 10 am – 5 pm, March – November.
  • Located in a beautiful setting 15 minutes north of Seattle in Edmonds, WA.
  • Workshop days integrate interactive presentation and discussion, with energy medicine practices, intuitive readings, and time for personal reflection.
  • Each full day workshop ends with a sound bath and healing meditation with alchemy crystal bowls.

Evening Gatherings

  • Held twice per month on alternate Wednesdays, 7 – 9 pm.
  • Located in Elizabeth’s home in the Greenwood neighborhood of north Seattle.
  • Evening circles include personal reflection and discussion as well as Q&A and practice of new techniques and tools.
  • Once a month you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive tarot readings attuned to the lunar cycle. Elizabeth participates and coaches the readings to support your developing ability to read the cards.
  • Attend in person or via Skype.

The Daily Message

  • A daily video message from Elizabeth, personally attuned to you and your group.
  • Received personally via text message at least 5 times a week.
  • Daily messages are aligned with the current phase of the lunar cycle.
  • The embedding of the energy signature of the Sun through the daily Sabian symbol helps you personally align your consciousness with the highest potentials for the day. 
  • The daily message includes a distance energy treatment to support your day.

Personal Daily Practices

  • The most important homework for Mystery School is developing the ability to more fully align to the present moment and the synchronicities held within the unfolding circumstances of your life.
  • We recommend that you begin and end your day with 10-20 minutes of focused personal practice.
  • You will receive guidance and coaching to explore and develop daily practices that work for you.

If You Miss a Session

  • You will receive all handouts and recordings via email.
  • All materials and resources for the program are always available on your private Resource Page.
  • As needs arise, Elizabeth will be available for questions and follow-up to support your journey.

Additional Elements

  • Complete handouts are provided for all presentations at workshops and evening gatherings.
  • Audio recordings are available for all events.
  • An online private Resource Page with all course materials, handouts, and recordings.
  • An optional monthly reading list as well as monthly activities and creative projects.
  • Optional small group weekly calls, organized around New Moon manifesting.


Join us in 2020, and you will

  • Expand the vision of what is possible on Earth.
  • Understand your life purpose and why you’re here.
  • Learn powerful intuitive tools.
  • Find the support of a creative group of like-minded people.
  • Experience the joy of manifesting the life you desire[fruitful_sep]

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