Big News: The 2022 Lunar Journals are Here!

I’m thrilled to announce that the new Lunar Manifesting Journals are ready to ship. 


The 2022 Lunar Journal gives you a strategic and time-tested method for success as you navigate your path forward in the coming year.


The Journal begins with the Capricorn New Moon on January 2, so you’ll want to order right away to be able to receive your journal in time.




If you’re new to the Lunar Journal, read on to learn more about how this powerful tool can support you in the New Year.


Creative Support for Your Life

The Lunar Journal is designed to build clarity, focus and momentum in your life by connecting you directly with the creative power of the Lunar cycle.


Each phase of the Moon holds a particular energy and calls for a particular type of action. When you understand how to connect directly with the energy of each phase, you have new insights and practical strategies for action.


In addition to information on the energies of the zodiac and the Lunar cycle, the Journal also shows you how to use oracle cards for personal guidance. 


Connecting tarot and oracle cards with each phase of the Lunar cycle enables you to receive direct and clear support each step of the way.


The Journal covers a full year so you can track your goals and intentions as they unfold over time.


Order your 2022 Lunar Manifesting Journal TODAY and launch your New Year with an infusion of clarity, abundance and real-life practical support.


How the Journal Works

Align Your Life with the Cycles of Creation

  • Learn the unique zodiac energies of each New Moon and Full Moon. (Tarot cards are included.)
  • Receive practical themes each month to help you set intentions and focus on the unique potentials of each new cycle.
  • Use oracle cards to refine your focus and receive personal guidance through each phase of the cycle. (Spreads are included.)

You’ll Also Receive

  • Complete Lunar calendars for the year with times and dates.  
  • Clear information on the meaning of each Lunar phase, from week to week.
  • Templates and journal space for your own oracle readings for each phase of the Lunar cycle.
  • A rich appendix with resources on astrology, tarot, and Tree of Life.
  • NEW: Access to instructional videos with step-by-step guidance on how to use the Journal.

How the Process Works

  • At each New Moon you’ll pull an overview spread for the coming month. (Directions included.)
  • Each New Moon record sheet includes dates and times for each Lunar phase, so you can track your spread through time.
  • Every 3-4 days you will have the opportunity to pull another 1-3 cards for guidance during the current lunar phase. (Spreads included.)
  • Ample space is provided to record personal intentions and notes.
  • The Journal examples are from the Thoth tarot, however you can use any oracle deck you choose for your personal spreads. 

The Benefits Build Over Time

The ongoing practices with the Lunar Journal will empower you though a deepening sense of connection to your Inner Guidance. 

  • You’ll develop new confidence and focus.
  • You’ll strengthen your intuition and will power.
  • You’ll experience deeper trust and faith in the loving support of the Universe.  


The first step is to ORDER YOUR BOOK!


I look forward to sending you your new Lunar Journal and sharing the journey of the coming year.


Much Love,


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