Aquarius Full Moon: Living in the Light

Happy Full Moon!


This is one of the most inspiring Full Moons of the entire year. That’s because the light of the Aquarius Moon is directly connected to the consciousness of the new Aquarian Age.

Aquarius holds a revolutionary energy of freedom, with the ability to awaken beyond what has occurred in the past, so we can move into new and greater realities.

In a very personal way, this Full Moon can inspire you with new realizations of possibility, and new awareness of your connection to the Light. 

I invite you to set your intentions now to expand your awareness and connection to spiritual realms of support. Know that this Aquarius Full Moon can help you receive new realizations and inspiration about your own path of evolution, as well as visions of what is possible for us all.

Aquarius Theme: Living in the LIght

The Star is the tarot card for the Aquarius Moon.  The word ‘star’ refers to consciousness and awareness of the Light of the Divine within us all.


As we expand into our Light we ourselves radiate as stars.


The image of this card represents your ability now to focus on the Light of expanded awareness, to draw that light down into your body, and then radiate your Light to the world around you.


By working intentionally with the energies of this Full Moon you can increase your capacity to heal. You can transcend perceptions of limitation, find balance in the midst of contrast, and receive new realizations of the true nature of reality and your place in the world.


Full Moon Tarot Spread

Knowing the immense opportunities of this Full Moon, I asked for a message to help us find balance and inspiration within our circumstances in order to connect with new and higher realizations of what is possible in our world.


The Ten of Disks, Wealth (center, top) in the position of Mind says that you can connect now to new awareness of the true abundance  and well being that is present for you in every moment.


Every Ten represents a fullness and type of completion that enables movement into something new. In the element of Disks (Earth) this Ten indicates a fullness of experience in the physical world that enables you to move to new levels of understanding about the true nature of abundance.


The word ‘wealth’ in the position of Mind refers to a new experience of abundant well being that is anchored in your awareness, rather than dependence on external validation or material measures of success.

Abundant well being is here, now, and resides within.


The Five of Cups, Disappointment (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents the potential for triggers of emotional disappointment. This does NOT mean that disappointment is going to happen. 


The significance of this card must be understood in the context of the full spread. Fives always represent change and the challenges we face whenever we’re confronted with the unknown. You’re encouraged now to pay attention when you’re triggered by events. There’s extra support to release old patterns, including the tendency to respond from fear based on what has happened in the past.


The Ten of Swords, Ruin (right) is reversed in the position of Spirit. This card is about releasing fear, specifically the fear of ruin held in the mind (swords). 


The reversal in the position of spiritual support says that there is an extraordinary opportunity now to transcend all the forms of fear that lead to feeling trapped in limiting perceptions and beliefs. This placement also encourages you to ask for help and to know that it is there. 


The Star (center below) in the position of a final message is a huge synchronicity. As the specific card for the Full Moon this is a powerful affirmation that all is well. You can trust the higher frequencies of Light through your Higher Self, Teachers and Guides to lead you forward. 


Being a Catalyst for Change

The astrology chart for our Full Moon expresses the potential intensities expressed by the Tens and the Five of Cups in our spread.


As you can see from the chart, there are multiple oppositions here (the red lines). which are organized in a rare and complex pattern called a ‘see-saw.’


Each opposition, including the Full Moon (Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon), represents a type of polarized contrast that illuminates new awareness. 


The combined pattern is inviting us to be present to contrast in order to harmonize and balance all types of intensity, however it may appear. In this way we will receive new realizations, new solutions, and new inspiration.


In Conclusion

The energies of the Aquarius Full Moon are infused with qualities of freedom, reform and positive change. This is revolutionary energy, inspiring you to expand beyond what you have known so you can step into new and greater realities.


Change can be unsettling, but we are learning to move beyond habits of fear in order to evolve into new dimensions of awareness. This is a time to remember that you always have a choice on where you place your focus and how you choose to respond.


The intensities that come with this Full Moon, whatever form they take, can act as a healthy catalyst. They can activate new awakening, enabling you to transcend limiting perspectives so you can receive new clarity, with realizations that strengthen your connection to the Light and your systems of spiritual support. 


We are Starseeds. We create our future together in each moment, with every thought, word and deed. It’s time to live in the Light!


Happy Full Moon,


PS – This summer’s Aquarius season will be extended with a second Aquarius Full Moon on August 22nd. This means that the coming weeks, throughout the zodiac season of Leo will be filled with extra potential. Set your intentions now for all forms of healing and manifestation. The sky’s the limit.

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