Aquarius Full Moon: The Power of Fire and Light

Happy Full Moon!

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs on Thursday, Aug. 15th at 5:29 am PT.

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This year’s Aquarius Full Moon is a Moon of awakening. This is a heart-centered awakening of new realization, commitment, and courage.

More than anything else, the new awakening comes by connecting more fully to the power of your Light, both the fiery Light of creativity (the Sun in Leo), and the cosmic Light of your conscious connection to Universal Mind (the Moon in Aquarius).

Beyond personal awakening, this Full Moon is also illuminating new truths in our world and bringing to Light all that has gone before.

If you’re feeling a great deal of intensity this week, you’re not alone!

Much is being revealed now, both in our inner worlds and without. This Moon is calling each of us to go to the next step in claiming our light, and trusting the truth of what lies within.

The Power of Fire and Light

Every Full Moon activates a unique polarity of opposing qualities within the Zodiac in order to help us integrate and grow. The current polarity between Aquarius (Moon) and Leo (Sun) is one of the most powerful within the annual cycle of time.

As we step more fully into the energies of the Aquarian Age the Aquarius Full Moon helps tune our consciousness to these expanded realities.

The Star card in tarot represents Aquarius. This card shows us learning to shine by drawing down the light from above and then offering it to the world. This Aquarian light of Source energy is infused with the cosmic intelligence of freedom and truth and visions of new possibilities.

The Lust card represents Leo.  This image of Beauty and the Beast speaks to the fiery energy of vitality and joy that resides deep within every cell of our body. This is the fire of kundalini and vital life force. This inner  fire of courage enables us to embrace our fears and commit to our personal path of creative freedom and bliss.

Together these two cards beautifully express the creative dynamic of our current Full Moon and how this is a time you can experience a new commitment to your path of personal freedom.

Your job now, more than any other, is to SHINE.

As a human family are engaged in a huge process of change, and you have a unique part to play in the unfolding of our world. More than any other action, right now it’s about holding to the light.

This is hard work! Know that you have what you need. Lifetimes of preparation have led to this moment in time. Every experience in this life, as well as past and future lives, has given you the tools you need to show up in this moment.

Beyond fear, doubt, worry, disappointment, or anger (whatever your own pattern), we are each called now to commit to inner truth, to hold our own light. From this place of inner power you will be able to witness ALL of it, gain new perspectives and visions, and hold space for new healing and new creation.

The Importance of Healthy Boundaries

The ability to shine and to hold your own light, especially in times of great change, is a creative act that requires strong personal boundaries. It’s only with strong boundaries that we’re able to fully feel and hold our light while at the same time being fully present for others.

This is a time to commit to those personal practices that support healthy boundaries so you can be fully present to yourself and others. Here’s a powerful yet simple boundary practice. This will help you learn feel the difference between your personal field and your heart energy, so you can maintain your boundaries while still being fully connected to others with your heart.

Phase One: Heart Breath and Grounding

  1. Move your awareness to your heart.
  2. Breathe from your heart, allowing the energy to build there.
  3. From your heart, connect to the light below, moving your awareness to the center of Earth. Use breath to strengthen this connection.
  4. From your heart, connect to the light above, moving your awareness to Galactic Center or the heart of the Sun. Use breath to strengthen this connection.
  5. From your heart, use your breath to draw the light from above and below into your heart. Allow this light to build with each breath, feeling yourself fully connected and supported, becoming a living bridge between heaven and earth.

Phase Two: Strengthen Your Personal Field

  1. As you breath in the light from above and below feel/see/know that it is growing in your heart.
  2. Allow it to radiate from your heart in every direction, out through your field.
  3. As it expands, imagine it being contained at the outer (7th) layer of your field, often a distance of 5 to 7 feet away from your body. This is your personal boundary. Allow the light to increase with every breath.
  4. The 7th layer creates a container. Imagine your field becoming brighter, filling with more and more light.
  5. As your 7th layer radiates, your light is held within.

Phase Three: Amplify Your Heart Field

  1. NOW imagine that your Heart has its own energy field (it does!).
  2. Imagine that this field can expand beyond your personal boundary field (it can!).
  3. To practice this, allow your Heart energy of infinite love to expand beyond your personal field, and move to someone or some circumstance beyond you. Keep your personal field intact and near your body!

If these practices are new to you, know that energy follows intention. Whether or not you actually “see” this happening it will occur. Over time the practices will become easier and more natural.

With clear personal boundaries and strong hearts we can hold space for healing for ourselves and others without succumbing to fear or weakening our own life force. It’s essential now, as circumstances continue to intensify, to continually strengthen our boundaries and commit to daily personal practices that help us hold our own light without being diminished by any form of disruptions in the world around us.

We are healing and evolving together as a human family. Everything that is unfolding in our world is part of our path of evolution and growth.

To Love and Light,


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