Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: The Tipping Point

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse occurs on Friday, July 27, at 1:20 pm PDT.

Every Lunar Eclipse is significant because it offers a special opportunity to make quantum leaps forward in your life.

The potential of this particular eclipse is unprecedented.

The energies have been building over time, beginning specifically with last summer’s Aquarian Lunar Eclipse and the total Solar Eclipse that followed.

There’s a flowering now of potential. The impetus for change is dramatic, and at the same time it’s held within a strong grid of order, balance and support.

The mantle of sovereignty is firmly on our shoulders. It’s time to step into the truth of the beings of Light whom we each are.

This is the gift of Aquarius, delivered in the light of this Moon.

I can’t tell you how excited I am, and how big this energy is. We truly have the potential to step forward into new worlds of well being for us all.

Some of the effects will be felt immediately and others will unfold over time.

In the following video message I explain in detail some practical ways you can connect with this big energy in your own life.

I’m also including the full text of the Lunar Eclipse Astrology article on which I collaborated with astrologer Steven Shroyer. Because this eclipse will be relevant well into the future, the video message and astrology article are worth exploring and revisiting over the coming weeks and months. (In other words, if you have a busy weekend, be sure to bookmark this and spend some time with it when you have a chance.)

We each have a part to play. It’s time to celebrate the Light and the glorious adventure of this lifetime.



Lunar Eclipse Message July 27 – August 24

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Astrology Article – The Eclipse that Changed the Course of History

by Steven Shroyer and Elizabeth Schermer

  • Full Moon is Friday, July 27, 1:20 PM PDT
  • Lunar Eclipse Event & Portal
  • Sun is 5° Leo, Moon is 5° Aquarius
  • Next New Moon:  Aug 11
  • Lunar Portal Closes: Aug 24
  • Current New Moon Theme (July 12 to Aug 11)  The Price of Success

The astrology of our Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse has a signature of importance, with the actual potential to change the course of history as we know it today. This eclipse has BIG energy, the likes of which we haven’t experienced before. Energy this big has a wide spectrum of influence that will unfold in a variety of ways.  Because it’s so big, the full effects may not be immediately apparent nor understood. With such a wide sphere of influence we may not even realize all of the results of this Aquarian Lunar Eclipse until we look back to this point in history from a future perspective.

The Significance of a Lunar Eclipse

During a Lunar Eclipse the Earth comes between Sun and Moon and temporarily disconnects the Moon from the Sun’s light. When this happens, and the Moon is “unplugged,” a cosmic doorway opens in the zodiac at this exact location, flooding us with unfiltered consciousness. The portal that opens at a Lunar Eclipse results in some form of new awareness, ability, or insight that can be used for inspired action. The activations that open during this portal transcend normal limitations of time, enabling us to take quantum leaps forward. This is true for individuals as well as the Earth as a whole.

The Eclipse portal remains open and active until the Moon returns to this zodiac location in 28 days, during the next Lunar cycle. This period of time allows for a deeper level of integration to occur and is intrinsic to the astrological importance of the event. The rest of this article explains the significant nature of this particular eclipse. As you read also keep in mind that we’re talking about an opportunity to work beyond the normal constraints of space and time.

Uranus as the Precursor to Massive Change

Uranus is the activator of this particular Lunar Eclipse and holds the key to fully understanding what is possible. In order to fully appreciate why this moment in time holds such significance, it will be helpful to explore the historical narrative of Uranus as well as its connection to the Aquarius Full Moon.

Uranus is the third largest planet in our solar system. It isn’t visible to the naked eye and so wasn’t discovered until 1781.  It’s the first of the three transcendent planets, which are those beyond our physical sight. It is known as a transcendent planet because it affects consciousness beyond what is visible in our physical concrete world.

Until Uranus was discovered in 1781, Saturn was considered the ruler of Aquarius. As the last visible planet in our solar system, it is Saturn that anchors form in the physical, known world. This is why it’s associated with Capricorn and the anchoring of structure and social order. These are very different qualities than what we now associate with Aquarius.

Uranus is currently known as the ruler of Aquarius. It’s associated with qualities of brilliance, insight, independence, freedom, and a new level of individuality that challenges the authority of the current status quo.

It is Uranus that transcends Saturn’s establishment of form and allows us to expand consciousness beyond what has occurred in the past, and what we can physically perceive in the world around us. With our current Lunar eclipse occurring in Aquarius, it’s imperative that we take a moment to explore the basic meaning of Aquarius, and the ways in which Uranus and Aquarius support this unique expansion of consciousness.

Aquarius and the Dawning of a New Era

The history of our understanding of Aquarian energy and its relationship to Uranus is more than just an interesting concept. Our most modern ideas of consciousness have their roots in the very meaning and energy signature of Aquarius. This includes our current “Golden Age of Enlightenment,” which is often associated with the years following 2012 and the ending of the Mayan calendar.

We associate Aquarius with qualities of social reform. The Star card is associated with Aquarius and illustrates our ability to connect with the light of expanded awareness. The Aquarian vision for a better world incorporates values of individual freedoms, as well as our ability to work in cooperation with others toward a larger vision of world-wide harmony.

Although we now associate Aquarius with reform, before the discovery of Uranus, the energy associated with Aquarius was centered on qualities of Saturn. These qualities included social stability, restricted access to information, and resistance to the forces of change. These were all considered virtues. Change was considered undesirable and something to be avoided at all cost. Success was calibrated in terms of how effective our social institutions were at maintaining stability against the progressive and divisive elements that rebelled against the status quo. Traditions, sameness, and religious values were the norm and the standard, representing the cutting-edge of resistance against the perceived evils of change and revolution.

Then in 1781 along came the discovery of Uranus with its essence of transformation and creative change. Uranus challenged the order and enduring perseverance of everything that Saturn stood for, and represented the opportunity to expand beyond the status quo of what had already been established. Instead of the established church providing a collective definition of reality, with its social rules for righteous living that governed and dictated personal identity, the transcendent qualities of Aquarius brought a new impulse of individuality and rebellion to the forefront of consciousness.

The status quo was now being challenged by Uranian energy in a new and profound way. The movements that launched the American and French revolutions coincide with the discovery of Uranus. In fact, the period from 1789 – 1858 is known as “The Age of Revolution” with movements for new levels of freedom occurring across the globe. These movements are a direct expression of this infusion of new awareness of the rights of the individual, and the value of social rebellion as a necessary way to change a repressive status quo.

Since the time Uranus was first discovered, we have experienced an ongoing development of this Uranian type of personal brilliance. Over the past 250 years we have witnessed an unfolding expansion of consciousness through the evolution of science, technology, metaphysics, spirituality, cosmology, and basic human rights. These expansions are both personal and collective, inspiring new ideas within a new era of individuality and personal freedom.

Moving ahead to the present time, the Uranian rebellion within consciousness that embraces new types of independent thinking has reached a tipping point in history.  We are no longer willing to accept limitations imposed by the official narrative, which includes a restricting system of authority that limits our freedoms and our connection to information and advanced technology.

The Aquarian desire for freedom has now fully matured, despite the ongoing attempts of the existing power structures and Saturnian types of institutions which are still working to repress and demonize the next steps in freeing humanity. As we take another step into the initial phases of the Aquarian age it is quite possible that this could be the Lunar eclipse that changes the course of history.

Your Aquarian Opportunity

Each of us must stop and ponder our personal connection to freedom, both for ourselves as well as the larger reality of what we as humanity are working toward.

The Star card in tarot symbolizes Aquarius and our ability to connect with the light of expanded awareness.

On a personal level, this eclipse sparks a divergence from normal “Saturnian” structural thinking. This means thinking beyond the way things have been, and being open to new insights and realizations. You have the opportunity to step out of the security of what has been known in the past, in order to experience a new ability and freedom to think differently about what is possible in your world. This is a time to embrace change!

This Lunar eclipse is asking us the Aquarian question of what it means to be truly free as an independent seeker of truth. It’s asking us to reexamine our definitions of freedom including our commitment to personal success. As you reflect on the potentials of this eclipse opportunity, you might ask yourself the following questions: What does it mean to expand your vision of personal freedom? In what ways does your personal commitment to success put you at odds with the status quo and established ideas of worldly success? (The current New Moon theme.) How is your personal success connected to your relationships and the success of others?

These personal insights lead to larger questions that will support your ability to be a part of this next social stage of expanding Aquarian values into the world.

How can we work together to change the global paradigm so that individual success also benefits the success of others and society? Are we ready as a people to think for ourselves? In what ways do we still rely on others in authority to think for us? How has the world changed? How have you changed?

We are confronted now with opportunities to say no to the existing Saturnian institutions that control our perceptions of realty, including the mainstream media and the current movements calling for even more censorship and control. We also have the opportunity to demand the release of information regarding suppressed technology that will change the way we understand health, consciousness, and prosperity for everyone on earth.

What’s on the horizon are grassroots (Aquarian) opportunities that embrace this new paradigm. These are the natural steps in the shift in Uranian consciousness, for creative change begins with the individual and spreads among like-minded free-thinkers and Aquarian reformers. True Aquarian change isn’t a controlled top-down plan, but a natural response to personal expansion and the expression of personal freedom.

The Lunar eclipse opens a portal that directly impacts your consciousness in a positive way. Your opportunity lies in your ability to take inspired action as an independent thinker. In big and small ways, each of us can embrace our Aquarian individuality and the freedom that directly challenges the official narrative. This freedom is born out of the natural brilliance of Aquarius, demanding a new definition of success and a new vision for the future.

The entire world is at this Aquarian tipping point. This eclipse marks a new era of what success means for all of humanity, enabling us to work together in new ways to positively impact the future of our planet.

Astrology Pattern

There are two distinct patterns that are working together in harmony with the Sun and Moon to create the powerful signature of our Aquarian Lunar Eclipse. The first pattern involves Jupiter, and Jupiter’s ability to expand consciousness through the development of new types of social relationships and institutions. The second pattern involves Uranus and taps into the transcendent nature of Uranus as it challenges the existing status quo and collective social narrative. These two patterns combined are unique and quite unusual in the way in which they are working with the Lunar Eclipse to create the opportunity for a better world.

The Jupiter pattern involves Jupiter’s ability to expand consciousness through the development of new types of social relationships and institutions. The astrology signature involves a powerful half grand sextile with Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune. The organizational power of a full Grand Sextile is legendary among astrologers, but we must not overlook the power of this unique combination of four planets in the half grand sextile formation. The power of this relationship combined with the Jupiter T-square to the eclipse cannot be ignored.

Jupiter in this pattern represents the potential for social growth in a new transformative direction. The combination of a T-square with the 60° geometry of the partial sextile indicates a transformational social event, or series of events, that hold the potential to fully transform the current direction of history.

The Uranus pattern is the catalyst for the entire chart. The Uranus pattern taps into the transcendent nature of the planet Uranus, meaning in this context, that it’s directly challenging the existing status quo and planetary social narrative in order to activate a higher purpose. The astrology signature is another T-square to the eclipse, which is activating the eclipse for a higher purpose. In addition, there are two trines providing support through Saturn and Mercury. It is worth noting that both of these planets were highlighted at center stage during the Solar eclipse two weeks ago.

Within this pattern, Uranus at 3° Taurus is acting as a powerful catalyst, capable of igniting Leo’s solar energies. The fact that Uranus is also aspecting Saturn and Mercury is a key in discovering the deeper meaning of this eclipse which is centered on the ushering in of a new era of independent thinking.

The Healthy Nature of Crisis

This is a high-impact eclipse event. The combined patterns of Jupiter and Uranus have the potential to create a strong action/reaction effect within all levels of society. The squares of Jupiter and Uranus to the Sun/Moon opposition provide us new perspective and the awareness that something must be done.

This new perspective requires that you respond to whatever is triggered within your circumstances by taking action with the intention of working toward a solution. The activation of ‘crisis’ within a T-square formation comes from the necessity of taking action before you may understand the complete picture.
There’s a need to show up now and trust your inner guidance in order to participate and follow the stream of healthy momentum and change.

On the global stage, this signature has the potential to trigger immediate world-changing events. The most specific activity will occur while this eclipse portal remains open, from now through Aug 24th. There is a lot of change that can take place in the world over the coming 28 days. In addition to short term effects, the eclipse will also activate ongoing attitudinal shifts in consciousness that will evolve and produce manifest changes over time. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, we may not realize the full effects of what is activated until we can look back from a future perspective.

The most positive outcome possible is the impact of a social shift that embraces individual expression and freedom of thought. These are the combined influences of the highest expressions of Leo (Sun) and Aquarius (Moon). This eclipse and the Aquarian age it supports is marked by a new era that rebels against the shadow of a rigid Saturnian status quo, including the mainstream narrative of limitation and control through external authority.

Free thinking and the sharing of ideas and new technology for ourselves and our Earth will grow from a grassroots movement that supports the wellbeing of the entire planet through the essence of the new Age of Aquarius.


This Lunar eclipse could very likely mark a major shift and turning point in human history. The portal that opens at the eclipse is not mysterious or hidden. It’s a very real astrological event that introduces a tangible inflow of cosmic energies to our world.

This  eclipse offers you the opportunity to transcend limitations of time and space and expand beyond what you normally think of as possible. There is an opportunity now for each of us, as well as humanity as a whole, to embrace the full power of Aquarius. We have the opportunity now to journey together into a new era where independent thinking, individuality, and visionary group goals will meld together for a better future for us all.

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