Aquarius New Moon: The Future is Now

Happy New Moon!

The Aquarius New Moon occurs on Thursday, Feb. 11th at 11:06 am.

Our New Moon holds a remarkable opportunity for creative change.

Every New Moon enables a reboot, a time to re-group and re-connect with your path by aligning with the new cosmic wave of momentum.

This is true now more than ever. With the New Moon in Aquarius you can connect directly with the true energies of the Aquarian Age, including new revelations of possibility, and new insights into the truth of who you are and why you’re here.

Drawing Down the Light

The tarot card for Aquarius is The Star.

Every star is a radiant emissary of divine Source. The teachings of this card reveal your true inner nature as a being of Light.

The mystery traditions remind us that we are each stars, that we come from the stars, and that we carry the light of the stars within.

This light that nourishes us is the source of all creativity, all wisdom, and all true power.

This is a time to remember the truth of who you are, so you can live in freedom, health and joy, and share these blessings with others.

The more you align to your own light the more support and nourishment you receive, and the more you have to offer. This is shown by the figure bathing herself in light, and then offering it to the world.

The Momentum of Change

The astrology chart for the Aquarius New Moon holds a very concentrated energy of change and new momentum toward the future.

There is a rare stellium of six planets clustered in Aquarius, including the Sun and Moon. This represents the potential for a huge activation of Aquarian consciousness, with the energies of freedom, creativity, and visionary change.

The squares (red lines) running from Uranus and Mars to the Aquarian stellium indicate the activation of strong energy, including unexpected and sudden changes.

A stellium this large, especially with the multiple squares to Mars and Uranus, indicates enormous momentum, especially when it’s associated with a New Moon.

The double sextile (blue triangle) represents a new quality of organization. The energies of the trine hold the qualities of 5D consciousness. Neptune, Mars and Pluto are bringing the capacity for a high-level order to all of the changes, and supporting the trajectory toward the future.

This is an intense time. In order to experience the creative momentum of this New Moon we must align internally, so we can experience our connection to the higher order of spiritual principles and energies. Your inner connection to these energies represents the new phase of human evolution, anchored in frequencies of ease, trust, calm, compassion, peace and joy.

The challenge now is to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies. The more you commit to your personal practices the more you can align with the creative potentials and inspiration of new awakening.

New Moon Tarot Spread

Knowing the powerful creative energies held within the New Moon, I drew a spread asking for practical touchstones.

The central card, The Aeon, in the position of Mind and Awareness affirms the importance of making a new connection to the authority of your inner guidance and Higher Self.

In this spread The Aeon affirms the significance of our current shift.

The name “Aeon” signifies our evolutionary leap into 5D consciousness. In other decks this card is called “Judgment,” which refers to clear judgment and higher-mind discernment, and the release of fear-based perceptions and limiting habits of thought.

You hold the potential for breakthrough. You are encouraged to connect to inner trust and to release any fears of change. You have the ability now to access new qualities of consciousness and discernment of your path forward, through surrender to the higher principles of life.

The Queen of Wands in the position of Body and Circumstances (left) signifies a new level of wisdom and compassion toward yourself and others.

This card affirms your ability now to trust in the wisdom held within every experience, including the most challenging and difficult. When you are aligned within (The Aeon), then in every moment you’ll have access to new levels of intuitive understanding, confidence and creative inspiration, both for yourself and others.

The Ten of Swords, Ruin, is reversed in the position of Spirit (right). This reversal represents a new awakening, including the revelation of spiritual truths that have been previously hidden from your sight.

Swords are the suit of the mind. You have access now to new awareness of the unseen realms of reality. This includes spiritual support to transcend fear-based beliefs, limiting habits of thought, and misunderstandings about the nature of the world.

The final card, the Ace of Swords, emphasizes the powerful momentum of new awakening. This Ace affirms new realizations and your capacity to perceive what has been hidden, through new qualities of conscious awareness and understanding.

The Past is Over, the Future is Now

Our New Moon is activating another powerful shift of momentum into the new Age.

The awakening happens moment-by-moment and day-by-day.

The future we dream of is here, now. It lives within our consciousness, and in the air around us.

Throughout the coming Lunar cycle remember that in every moment you have a choice.

The more you are able to commit to your personal practices of inner alignment, the more you will find your natural flow of ease and calm and joy. The more you remember that you have a choice, the more you can receive guidance for next steps as you face the changes that lie ahead.

Life is continually evolving. The process of new creation is exhilarating and miracles abound.

The old systems of fear, control, judgment anger and blame are part of our past. The future lives now. It is real in the light we amplify and the visions we hold most dear.

Trust the light. Honor your path and celebrate the blessings of this time.

Thank you for all you are doing for our world.



PS – For more insights into the Aquarian New Moon, here’s Steven Shroyer’s Astrology Article: Preparing for Unexpected Experiences.

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