Cancer Full Moon Message

Happy Full Moon!


Our Cancer Full Moon lies within an extraordinary eclipse cycle which also included last week’s Winter Solstice activation.

The energies and potentials of our historic year are being amplified now, creating the opportunity to anchor positive trajectories toward our future.

We can make real and lasting shifts now, beyond what we normally think is possible. This is true both personally and for our collective.

What’s most important at this time is to focus on inner alignment. 

There are many opportunities for distraction. The more you can connect internally, seeking your own center, the more you’ll find a new sense of personal authority, with new feelings of confidence and trust.

This is a watershed year in the history of our world. The challenges are real. Together as individuals we have the opportunity, now and moving forward, to make new choices and forge new pathways toward a bright future for us all.

We are poised for breakthrough. The powers of life, poised now at this powerful Full Moon, are supporting us to grow and heal.

The Momentum of New Beginnings

The Full Moon energies of hopeful new beginnings are amplified by the Sabian archetype for the Full Moon at 9° Cancer, which is “A small, naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish.”

This symbolizes new momentum through the willingness to approach life with a curious and open mind.

The small girl is naked, unrestrained by the trappings of cultural beliefs and limiting habits of thought. It’s important to let go of preconceived ideas and attachments. She represents the potency of new beginnings, spontaneous and free to be totally immersed in the moment at hand.

Trying to catch a fish symbolizes the quest to understand the mystery of the hidden processes of life.

Fish live in another world beneath our own. The pond in our Full Moon symbol represents the depths of your feeling nature, including intuition and subconscious awareness.

It’s important now to honor your feelings and emotions. They are your connection to inner wisdom, and your ability to find trust and security in the power of life.

Placing Your Trust in the Power of Life

In tarot the Cancer Full Moon is represented by The Chariot. This card teaches us how to align with the power of fortunate change. 

The warrior in this image is you, feeling safe and protected, trusting in the wisdom of the Guardians that guide your chariot on your path of purpose (the yellow brick road).

You hold the spinning wheel of fortune, representing the powers of change, and despite the momentum you remain calm and still within.

The golden armor and lotus position represent the stability that comes through personal practices. It’s this stability that cultivates your consciousness and emotional trust in life (golden armor), despite the uncertainty of change.

Honor Your Feelings and Emotions

Both inner child (girl at the pond) and courageous warrior receive their power through inner alignment.

When you place your focus on inner alignment, each moment is potent with the power of creation. This comes through awareness of your feelings and emotions.

The first step is to remove your attention on external events. Place your focus within. When you move within, pay attention to how you feel.

Begin by honoring your emotions, whether comfortable or not.

From here you can choose your feeling response. When possible, choose feelings of curiosity or appreciation. Both curiosity and appreciation contribute to healing. These are energies that lead to new understanding, and cultivate feelings of trust and calm.

When you are able, reach even higher, for feelings of love, peace and joy. When you can’t reach higher, be patient and kind. When you need to, ask for help.

Harnessing Forward Momentum

Together, moment by moment, we have the power to support each other and contribute to the healing of our world.

In the midst of uncertainty, at the center of every experience is a core connection to oneness. The Universe always conspires to bring what we need. The key is to move within, and place your alignment in the authority you hold through your personal relationship to Spirit and to life.

This is a time to hold fast, trust the light of inner truth, commit to the highest and best, and anchor unwavering faith in the power of love to prevail.

Thank you for the light you bring to the world

Best Wishes,






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