Facing New Directions – Cancer Full Moon

Happy Full Moon!


Our Full Moon in Cancer is helping you step into the future by facing forward into new directions in your life.


This new momentum toward the future has been building over the past weeks, and the Cancer Full Moon is now amplifying these energies. 


Cancer’s power comes through emotional connection. This is a time to reaffirm your commitment to your Self and your core sense of being. It’s important now to pay close attention to how you feel. 


In order to face new directions and welcome new opportunities it’s important now to pay attention to what has heart and meaning for you. By paying attention to the wisdom of your heart you can align with new sensitivities of what is possible. 


Cancer's Theme: Allegiance to Your Self

In tarot the Cancer Full Moon is represented by The Chariot, which teaches us to align with the power of fortunate change through inner authority and emotional strength. 

The warrior in this image is you. Sitting in the lotus position on the four-pillared chariot symbolizes the calm foundation of stability that comes through inner alignment.

The golden armor represents the authority of your total commitment to Self, which cultivates your security, boundaries, and connection to emotional guidance.

Feeling safe and protected, you can trust your inner guidance to lead you forward. This is represented by the wise Guardians who guide your chariot on your golden path of purpose (the yellow brick road).

You remain stable while you hold the spinning wheel of fortune. There is no room for fear. Despite the momentum and uncertainty of the unknown you remain calm and still within.

The Healing Power of Love

The Queen of Cups and the Four of Cups, Luxury, are also associated with the Cancer Moon.


These two cards offer practical teachings about the power of our emotions and the depth of personal authority that is held within the energies of the Cancer Moon.


The Queen of Cups represents a new capacity to love your Self and others.  She sees the best in all and holds compassion within her strong heart with the assurance of what is possible.


The Four of Cups, Luxury (Moon in Cancer) represents an experience of emotional fullness, with the ability to remain stable while trusting in the flow of your emotions.


Both of these cards are beautifully reflected in the following Full Moon spread.


Full Moon Spread: Jan. 17 - 31

Knowing the opportunities for positive change and challenge that are held within the Cancer Full Moon, I asked for a spread that would give us practical advice and encouragement. 


There are several significant synchronicities in this spread. 


The Two of Cups, Love (center) in the position of Mind and Awareness encourages you to align within your heart so you can receive the emotional balance and support that is available at this time. 


This card represents Venus in Cancer. It evokes the experience of overflowing well being and unity that we find when we are at home within our hearts.


In this position you’re reminded that you have a choice, in every moment, of where to place your attention and how you want to feel. When you choose your heart and set the intention to see the good, you will feel the flow of Love that is here to sustain you.


The Princess of Cups (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances affirms a new experience of emotional connection to your life.  


The Princess is not bound by the past. She represents the power of your heart directly connected to the freedom and joy of your inner Being.  


Pay attention to what has heart and meaning. You’re in a new place. Be willing to make new choices and let go of what doesn’t resonate. This is a time to claim the joys and pleasures that nourish you. 


The Four of Cups, Luxury (right) in the position of Spirit affirms a new level of support to help you trust your heart. This says that you have a new ability to allow yourself to live in the flow of the present moment, rather than limitations of the past. (See the description of this card in the section above.)


The Emperor (top center) is the final card, representing what is being integrated in this spread. The Emperor represents the new qualities of inner authority that are being born within you.


The Emperor affirms your emergence now as a true individual, inspired to move beyond what you have known in the past, with the courage to and confidence to step into the new fields of adventure that await.  


New Creation Awaits

The future continues to unfold in remarkable ways. Regardless of the uncharted territory, know with certainty that you are here for a purpose and that our positive outcome is assured.


The coming two weeks are an important time to recommit to your Self and to your highest unfolding path of purpose. 


Begin by honoring your emotions. Remove your attachment to external events, and place your focus within. Whether comfortable or not, simply pay attention to how you feel.


From here you can choose your feeling response. When possible, choose feelings of curiosity or appreciation. What is the opportunity that is present? What can you see that you haven’t seen before? Is something calling you forward, or is something asking to be released? Is it time to leave your comfort zone? 


Both curiosity and appreciation contribute to healing. These are energies that lead to new understanding, and cultivate feelings of trust and calm.


The circumstances and activations that support new learning will be different for each person. Whatever comes up, it is all designed to help you let go of the past so you can be available to new opportunities and new relationships as they unfold in this moment and in the days and weeks to come.


We’re all in this together.

Happy Full Moon!




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