Cancer New Moon: Creating a New Path Forward

Happy New Moon!
The Cancer New Moon was on Monday, July 20th at 10:33 AM PDT.

Our Cancer New Moon holds the power to help you to bring forward and integrate all of the potent experiences of life, especially whatever has unfolded in the recent past.

The fact that it’s our second Cancer New Moon of the year amplifies all of these possibilities. Whenever we have two New Moons in one zodiac sign there is the opportunity to revisit and re-boot the learning.

The first Cancer Moon occurred on Summer Solstice (1° Cancer) with the invitation to anchor a new commitment to personal allegiance and your highest path of purpose. The three eclipses of this month amplified these potentials.

Now we’re bringing it all forward.

The Universe is offering each of us a unique opportunity for personal empowerment, compassion and inspiration. Together we can create a new and more fortunate path to our future.

There’s a lot going on in our world. Beneath the challenge and trauma that’s being revealed there is much hope and promise.

This New Moon holds some important keys. I hope you find the following New Moon video message to be helpful as you anchor your intentions and visions moving forward.

We each have an important role to play in the unfolding of our world. I’m sending heartfelt intentions today for blessings and healing for us all.


PS: In case you missed it, here’s the earlier post from today: A Special Message for Today’s New Moon.

New Moon Message: July 20 – August 18





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