Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: Freedom & Independence for Us All

Happy Full Moon, and Happy Independence Day!

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse occurs on Saturday, July 4th at 9:44 pm PDT.

The coincidence of a Lunar Eclipse on the Fourth of July is a powerful indicator of opportunities for a shift, not just personally but for our entire collective.

What’s being activated now is a new opportunity for individual freedom and independence.

An eclipse illuminates what has been hidden and previously unseen. This is the third eclipse in the past four weeks, offering you the opportunity to see and experience what you haven’t seen before.

The revelations of the eclipse shadow may well highlight what’s out of balance, either in relationships, or work or family life. The activation may be personal, or you may be feeling the larger revelations of cultural and social imbalances.

Either way, what’s important now is to remember that this an opportunity for healing.

Eclipses enable us to transcend time and evolve to new levels beyond what would normally be possible.

When the Full Moon is shadowed, your inner light is stronger. For this reason, what’s important with an eclipse is to move your awareness within.

When you move within you can connect to what is true and lasting, beyond the forms that haven’t served us well.

We are here to go beyond what we have known before.

This is a time to feel your true commitment to freedom and independence, not just for some, but for everyone.

Connect to the light within. See the light in others, and set your intentions for the highest and best.

You may want to celebrate the eclipse by lighting a candle. As you do so, honor your inner light. Feel your connection to the Light that guides us forward.

Trust your commitment to Life, Liberty, Love and Light. Your visions are real.

Together we will create a better world for us all.

Happy Full Moon,


PS – The eclipse energies will be strongest through the rest of July, however they will continue to unfold until the next eclipse cycle in November and December. Please watch the following video message for more details about the astrology of our Independence Day Full Moon.

Lunar Eclipse Message


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