Capricorn New Moon: Opening the Path to Your Fortunate Future

Happy New Year, and Happy New Moon!


Our New Year begins with a New Moon filled with optimism and hope for the future. 


In the midst of a great cycle of change, we have come to a new point. The astrology of the New Moon indicates a tangible shift toward more ease, especially for those who learn how to come into alignment with the new positive opportunities that lie on the horizon. 


The Capricorn New Moon holds high spiritual energies connecting your  personal power to the larger power of cosmic will, and your ability to fully commit to a future of new possibility. 


These energies of personal will and commitment can help you forge your own connection to the next steps toward the positive future that is dawning for us all.


Capricorn Theme: The Power of Love Made Manifest

The Queen of Disks represents the empowered leadership qualities of Capricorn that are available to each of us now. This image beautifully illustrates these potentials.


The Queen is looking back over a barren landscape. This represents the past she has left behind.


All around her in her place of new arrival are images of abundance and opportunity, symbolized by the luxurious greenery of her new landscape.


Her spiraling crown signifies her spiritual connection to the cosmos and Source. She is guided by her deep knowing, symbolized by the pineapple which represents her activated intuition (pineal gland).


This inner knowing enables her to clearly perceive her next steps forward so she can make good decisions and take actions that will nourish herself and others.


The goat in the foreground represents the grounded vitality, strength and power of Capricorn.


For too long the shadow qualities of Capricorn have ruled our world through rigid control and abuse of power. These authoritarian structures are in their final days and their power can hold us no more. 


The practical quality of a new beginning is illustrated beautifully by the Three of Disks, which is the minor arcana card associated with the New Moon.


This card is called “Works,” representing the activation of new creation that is possible when body, mind and spirit are aligned in love. As the three wheels are spinning in harmony, the central form lifts effortlessly, representing a manifest template of new creation.  


This card shows what is possible when we learn to harness and focus our life force. These qualities of personal empowerment and new creation are being activated now to help you step forward with confidence into the future of new possibility.



The New Moon Spread

Knowing the energies of hope and optimism within this New Moon, I asked for a spread that would help each of us find our personal connection to these potentials.


The Queen of Disks was the 4th card pulled in the spread, representing what is being integrated. Her presence affirms the relevance of this message, and your ability now to connect with new levels of personal mastery and well being.  (I’ll return to this card again at the end of this section.)


The Nine of Cups, Happiness (center) in the position of Mind and Awareness, represents a new experience of emotional fulfillment. This is a mature quality of happiness felt at a deep level. In the position of Mind, you are encouraged to commit to using your power of will (Capricorn) to focus on frequencies of well being and appreciation. From here your strong heart and inner guidance will lead you forward.


The Hierophant (left) in the position of Body and Circumstance represents a new deeply felt experience of health and well being, both in your physical body and throughout your life and the life of the world. This card holds a message of healing, with a spiritual understanding of the beauty of this world and what it means to be fully human.


The Hierophant is also known as “The Healer – Teacher.” In this spread the Hierophant shows you stepping into a new role of influence, through the  power of spiritual understanding you hold in your daily life. 


The Hierophant affirms your new experience of well being, your firm hope in the future, and your ability to step forward in practical ways that illuminate the path for yourself and others.


The Two of Disks, Change (right) in the position of Spirit affirms the balanced unfolding of the changes that are to come.As an additional synchronicity, this card, along with the 3 of Disks, is also associated with Capricorn.


Astrologically the Two of Disks represents a harmonious new beginning. This card encourages you to trust in the power of the spiritual support that holds you. Even during times of change the larger patterns of cosmic balance are at work.


This position of Spirit also reminds you to ask for help. In the coming days, pay attention to those times when you feel off balance, or triggered by change, uncertainty, or discouragement. There is extra support now. All you need to do is ask.


Finally, the Queen of Disks emphasizes the reality of a new beginning, and the importance of your commitment to the future you are helping to create. 


Capricorn’s earth energy is very practical. The Queen represents a new level of confidence with new grounded insights into the practical  next steps that will help you make good decisions and take actions in alignment with new opportunities and solutions. 



The Next Steps Forward

This image from the Sacred Rebels oracle deck evokes our path of new creation. What lies before us is far beyond anything we have ever imagined or experienced in the past. There are new solutions, new systems, new technologies and new abilities in store for us all. 


While the future is assured, the exact timing is unknown.


We hold the future within. The ease of the path forward depends on each of us,  joining together throughout the world, choosing our alignment, our devotion to cosmic will, and our commitment to humanity’s golden path.


This is a time to trust your heart. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 


When you are feeling a sense of curiosity, optimism and hope, then you’re aligned with the stream of new momentum. Harness those energies, and you will sense the next steps forward on your path. 


At those times when you are feeling unstable, uncertain or fearful, remember to pause, take a breath and connect within. Whether discomfort is emotional or physical, it’s important to pay attention to what comes up. When necessary ask for help.


At all times be kind to yourself and others. We are all doing the best we can. Through this process you will develop confidence and trust. 


What is happening in our world is more important and far reaching than we can know. I am confident when I say – to each of you reading this message – that there are countless legions of angels and Guides supporting you. Your journey here matters, and you are loved beyond measure.


What lies before us is more wonderful than we can imagine. This is what we came for.


Happy New Year!




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