Capricorn New Moon: Lightworkers, Unite!

Happy New Moon!

The Capricorn New Moon occurs on Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 9:00 pm PT.

Once again we step into the cosmic wave of a New Moon birth.

Our Capricorn New Moon is rare, with an incredibly powerful and concentrated energy of forward momentum.

As we navigate this powerful time of change in our world, this is an important opportunity to reboot, recharge, and come present to a new seed of creation.

I am incredibly inspired and hopeful.

Capricorn’s Strength and Power

In tarot the Capricorn New Moon is represented by the Queen of Disks. She expresses the deep and vital earth energy of Capricorn.

She builds new worlds through her visions of abundant possibility. She has left the desert of the past behind her and is standing now in a new field of growth and potential, ready to participate in creating a better future.

The Queen is a symbol of your own potential. This is a time to feel your strength of character, and connect with your intuition and spiritual practices in practical ways in daily life. This includes your commitment now to self care and physical well-being.

Capricorn energies include stability and substance. The Queen of Disks reminds us that in order to be of service to others and bring forth our visions we must first honor and nourish our own life force.

Capricorn gives us the determination and inner strength to commit to what we value, so we can embody our dreams of possibility into new systems and new creations that benefit all.

This is a time to honor your fierce commitment to what you hold most dear and what you value most in life.

At the highest personal level, Capricorn helps us develop our spiritual identity so that we’re truly able to show up for ourselves and others. In this way we contribute to the collective and help create systems that support health, freedom and abundance for all.

The Astrology of the New Moon

This chart is quite rare and remarkable. All of the planets are grouped closely from Capricorn to Taurus (both earth signs), and seven of the bodies are in a tight cluster called a stellium. This represents enormous concentration of energy and power.

The stellium bridges Capricorn and Aquarius, representing the movement into our new Aeon. The focus of the stellium is on the New Moon conjunct Pluto.

The New Moon represents the new seed of potential, and Pluto represents the raw power of complete commitment. Together they activate the rest of the grouping and amplify the momentum forward.

The other key part of the chart is the conjunction of Uranus and Mars at the top of the pattern. As you can see, the power of the stellium is focused here (red and blue lines linking the two formations).

Uranus, supported with Mars’ drive to action, becomes the activator for the power of transformation as we move forward. Uranus is the lightning bolt of inspiration. It shatters the past and enables us to move beyond all forms of limitation in order to claim new levels of freedom and creative possibility.

There is so much more we could say about this chart! One of my favorite aspects is the energy of the divine feminine that is embedded within the Sabian symbols at key points of the chart, pointing to new levels of inner strength, compassion, and fierce love for ourselves and each other.

New Moon Spread – Adjusting to Shifting Realities

One key theme of this New Moon – and of the coming year – is the further activation of multiple timelines and multiple dimensions of reality.  This is a natural part of our shift from 3-D to 5-D consciousness.

I’ll be writing more in the coming days about how you can learn to navigate shifting timelines. With the intensity of the current shifts, what matters most now is to recognize the power you hold in each moment to find inner stability and support for your next steps forward.

Knowing the intensity and remarkable potential of this New Moon, I drew the following spread, asking for a practical message of guidance for the coming days.

The Adjustment card in the position of ‘Mind’ (top middle) represents the importance of committing to your personal practices of inner alignment and balance.

True adjustment comes from within. This takes strength and commitment.

The traditional name for this card is “Justice.” This isn’t about right vs. wrong or finding blame. This is about inner justice, finding your own powerful point of balance within every circumstance, every thought, and every feeling so you’re able to stay present, safe and grounded.

The rich blue and green colors speak to the importance of living from your heart, and coming into relationship with the world by aligning to the highest and best.

The Six of Disks, Success in the position of Circumstances (left) represents blessings, now and on the way. This is a reminder of the importance of living in trust and appreciation. The energies of trust and appreciation (versus worry, fear or blame) build connections, support your health, and contribute to forward momentum.

What is manifest in the material world always follows what has been first created in consciousness.

The more you are able to anchor your energies and your focus in higher frequency emotions, such as trust, faith, compassion and joy, the more you are able to anchor within higher frequency timelines and receive clear guidance about the next positive steps forward.

The Queen of Disks in the position of Spirit (right) represents encouragement now to rely on spiritual support. And remember to ask for help during those times when you have trouble holding your balance or feeling trust and faith in the path forward.

Because she is also the card for the New Moon, this emphasizes the firm reality of these new energies of courage and commitment and inspiration.

You have passed through the hard times (the desert is behind you!) and the future is bright. 

The final card, the Three of Disks, Works (front center), is an affirmation of the new qualities of momentum that are available to you now. This card affirms new energy and new courage to move forward, especially by aligning body, mind and spirit.

The Three of Disks is also one of the cards for Capricorn, which is a further synchronicity in the spread.

Committing to Our Future

This is a New Moon of remarkable possibility. We are on an extraordinary path forward. 

The challenge now is to align within, find your center, and then remember that you have the power to choose your point of focus.

Cultivate your connection to the Light and feel the strength of your fierce commitment to peace, freedom and justice for all.

This is our world. We stand together, united in our quest and inspired by our visions of the New Earth.

The future is bright.

Happy New Moon!



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