Capricorn New Moon – The Love that Binds Us

Happy New Moon!

This month’s Capricorn New Moon is accompanied by a partial Solar Eclipse, which activates and amplifies the already strong signature of this powerful Moon.

There are several significant themes that are interwoven into this New Moon. When you understand the signatures, they can harmonize at a deep level and help you launch your New Year with clarity and intention.[spacer height=”20px”]

The Capricorn New Moon & Solar Eclipse was on Saturday, January 5th at at 5:28 pm PST.

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The Solar Eclipse

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A Solar Eclipse is created when the New Moon comes directly between the Sun and the Earth, creating a shadow across the face of the Sun and temporarily cutting off the Sun’s light to Earth. (In this photo the bright object is the Sun, and the Moon is creating the shadow.)

The shadow on the Sun during a New Moon energetically activates your own inner shadow and illuminates the patterns that are normally hidden or obscured.  In other words, when the Moon’s shadow temporarily interrupts the flow of light it creates disruption, including the disruption of our own habits and patterns.

Because of this activation, pay close attention to what is revealed in the coming days. Remember not to take things personally, but simply be aware. The patterns you are experiencing were already there! They’re just exposed now, which means they are available for new awareness and understanding.

Once a shadow (hidden pattern) is revealed we get to make new choices, rather than acting from unconscious assumptions and habits. Tradition says that eclipse patterns are active for several weeks or even months, so what is activated in the coming days can integrate and unfold for some time to come.[spacer height=”20px”]

The Capricorn New Moon

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The Capricorn Moon is about connecting to your deepest identity and values, especially the desire to create and participate in something larger than yourself.

At the highest level, Capricorn helps us develop our spiritual identity so that we’re truly able to show up for ourselves and others, and contribute something of value and service to the world.

The Capricorn New Moon is represented in Tarot by the Queen of Disks. She expresses the deep and vital Earth energy of Capricorn. She builds new worlds through her visions of abundant possibility. She is also an effective leader because she has mastered the skills of self care and physical well being.

This New Moon speaks to the necessity of self care, especially if we are to succeed in creating our visions in the coming New Year. The Queen of Disks reminds us that in order to be of service to others and bring forth our visions we must first honor and nourish our own life force.

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The Astrology Chart

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The New Moon chart has several significant signatures that indicate a dramatic potential for change and the possibility of new beginnings.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 16º Capricorn points to the need for concrete and practical activity in order to ground these potentials. The symbol is of a “school field filled with girls and boys dressed in sports gear.” This traditional image of PE class or recess speaks to our need to balance self discipline and productivity (Capricorn) with time for play and healthy group activities.

The most significant aspect of this chart is the position of the Sun & Moon directly between Saturn and Pluto, all within Capricorn. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, amplifies our need for structure and value, while Pluto will activate the desire for freedom and release. Because it’s working largely at the unconscious level, this Saturn/Pluto combination can easily lead to feeling stuck and frustrated, resulting in compulsive acts to break free.

This combination, amplified by the Solar eclipse, means that Capricorn’s shadow aspects will likely be highlighted in the coming days. Mercury is also in this Capricorn stellium and provides an important signature of new insights into the right use of power.

Altogether, this creates an incredibly positive opportunity for the healthy disruption and release of all forms of limitation and stagnant patterns, wherever they appear.

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Capricorn’s Shadow

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There is much evidence in our world of the shadow side of Capricorn, which in the extreme includes all forms of abuse of power. Capricorn leadership is about expressing authority and this energy can easily be misused in order to control others. These systems of control are obsolete and are being dismantled all around us.

This breakdown and disruption will likely also appear in some form in your own life. As much as possible, use these opportunities to get clear about what you have to learn. And then choose what you WILL commit to. Which structures and limitations in your life are healthy? (As opposed to those that restrict or bind your growth.) The value of limitation is that it creates a necessary structure upon which we can build our life. This is why Saturn and Capricorn rule our bones and joints, which create the foundation and structure of our physical bodies.

Neptune’s position in the chart is offering a harmonizing infusion of balance and support through intuitive awareness. If you can show up for the opportunities and avoid tendencies to react or take things personally, your intuition will help you recognize your own patterns of karma, and help you follow through on practical ways to improve moving forward.

Because of the significance of the Capricorn influence, it will be helpful this month to note the location of Capricorn in your natal chart. This house (or houses) will illustrate the parts of your life that will be highlighted. As noted earlier, this activation may continue for several months, so being aware of the themes of these houses can help you focus your intentions for the year. Of course, you can also consult with a professional astrology for insight and clarity on the way these themes may play out for you in 2019.

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The Love that Binds Us

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This New Moon holds amazing opportunities for each of us to receive new awareness of the power of Love in action. And, through this awareness, a new ability to choose, with freedom, what connects us to this world and to each other.

We often associate physicality with density in a negative way, as in being trapped. In the same way, in astrology Capricorn and Saturn are often associated with their shadow traits. All of this results in the subliminal view that the physical world is a kind of prison.

With this Moon we are invited to consider that everything in this world, including what “binds”us, is here to teach us about Love. Consider that in 3-D, Love is physically manifest as the force of Gravity that anchors us. It’s – literally – Love that holds us here. And it’s Love that creates the bond between us and everything-that-is.

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This New Moon is poised to create the opportunity for a new beginning in your life.  There’s a healthy sense of commitment and desire to take practical action toward your dreams and intentions. Processes of disruption, revelation, and breakdown of limitations are all positive, as they reveal what needs to be changed. Structures and relationships that limit your freedom and well being are up for review. Pay attention to your intuition and remember to hold patience as you receive new insights, especially regarding circumstances in your life that are outdated or in need of reform.

At the highest level this New Moon is about new beginnings. The more we can each show up to whatever appears, the more we’ll have the opportunity for a reboot, a fresh start, and a new vision of what is possible moving forward.

Happy New Moon and Happy New Year!




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