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The 2021 Lunar Manifesting Journal is Here

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2021 Lunar Journals are ready to ship. Many of you have been eagerly waiting to order your new 2021 Journal. Nothing happens quickly this year (!), but everything is finally in place, the new journals are beautiful, and we’re excited now to send them to your homes. You can order HERE. Creative Support for Your Life The 2021 Lunar Manifesting Journal is an invaluable tool of support, especially during these times of change. The Journal is designed to build clarity, focus and momentum in your life, by connecting you directly with the power of the Lunar cycle. Each phase of the Moon has a particular energy. When you understand the energy of each day, you have new insights and strategies for action. The Journal also shows you how to use oracle cards to connect even more personally with each […]

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The 2020 Lunar Journals are Here!

2020 will be a year of lasting change for us all, with the promise of new levels of personal empowerment, purpose, and abundance.

The 2020 Lunar Manifesting Journal will support your path to success and well-being this year.

This personal and unique program helps you build momentum in your daily life by harnessing the power of the eight phases of the Lunar cycle.

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Why I Love Mondays (Your Energy Update for the Week)

I happen to LOVE Mondays. For me every Monday is a treasure box, to be opened and revealed in degrees over the week to come. For those of you who haven’t learned to love Mondays, I’m hoping that today’s message will give you a new perspective, especially by learning to tap into the secret ‘super-power’ that Monday holds. If you happen to be reading these words later in the week, know that time is fluid. Connect with the message regardless of the day. You can also look forward to NEXT Monday, knowing that you have a new perspective for all of your Mondays ahead. Monday’s Super Power – Freedom and Intuition In astrology each day of the week is associated with a planet that gives a particular energy to the day. In this tradition Monday is ruled by the Moon (Monday = Moon Day), so […]

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First Quarter Report: Say “YES” to Your Life!

The week of First Quarter Moon is a key time for anchoring success in your life, and supercharged now by the Solar eclipse. I am inspired to connect today with some key strategies you can use to make the most of these opportunities.

The First Quarter Moon can be intense. There’s a certain amount of pressure that naturally goes along with this point in the cycle every month, so without understanding what’s happening it can be easy to get off track or misread the signals that you’re feeling.

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Spring Lunar Journals are Here – Order Yours TODAY!

It’s time to order your Spring Lunar Journal! Spring is all about personal creativity, health, freedom, and new beginnings. The Spring Lunar Manifesting Journal will show you how to harness this vitality of the new season in your daily life. At each New Moon, beginning April 5, you’ll tap into the specific energy signature for that Lunar month. Then as each phase unfolds over the coming 28 days, you’ll be guided with activities that will help you align your decisions and actions within the natural rhythms of your life. The Lunar Journal makes this process personal by showing you how to use oracle cards with the Lunar cycle. Beginning with the New Moon, at each lunar phase you will learn how to use your favorite oracle cards to receive your own messages and insight. (The Journal is designed with tarot cards, however you can use […]

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