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Libra New Moon: The Birth of New Opportunity

Happy New Moon! The Libra New Moon occurs on Friday, October 16th at 12:31 pm PT. I’m so happy to connect with you on this special day. Our Libra New Moon holds incredible promise. This is a time to bring forward all that you are and all that you have become in order to expand into new possibilities and potentials. The energies of our Libra Moon are offering you new perceptions and new qualities of creativity so you can see new paths and new options for moving forward. You can transcend external conflict and confusion in order to find your own middle way, in alignment with inner guidance and the visions of possibility that are calling you. We are on a path of rapid evolution. The challenges of this year have built new muscles and strengthened your spiritual tools. This is a time to integrate […]

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Solstice Eclipse Message: A New Awakening

Happy Solstice, and Happy New Moon! The Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurs on Saturday, June 20th at 11:41 pm PDT. This year’s solstice is enormously powerful and brings huge new opportunity to our world. The summer solstice is a time of blessing and illumination. The solstice energy anchors a new sense of your true self and how you truly belong to the world. With the solar eclipse falling directly on the solstice at 1° Cancer, all of these potentials are amplified. We’re each receiving a new infusion of what it truly means to be an empowered individual. This is creating enormous new potential and new momentum for positive change, for us as individuals and for the world. The energy of Cancer is about fully embodying who you are, finding inner security, and feeling safe and at home in the world, so that you […]

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Scorpio Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, The Scorpio Full Moon occurs on Thursday, May 7th at 3:45 am PDT. This is a Moon of emotional strength and courage. It’s a time to reconnect to the inner light that sustains you, where you’ll receive new hope and new resolve to show up for what matters most. As you prepare for tonight’s Full Moon, I invite you to pause and breathe. Go deep into your body. Feel your connection to the Light of Life that resides within, at the depths of your being. This is the light that sustains us and will guide us Home. Beth Scorpio Full Moon It’s time to dare to Dive deep. Go to the depths. Face your Fears and welcome the Truth of what you find there. Listen to your Heart. Pray for guidance and grace. Stand for what you believe. Love life and love […]

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