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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: The Rise of Authentic Power

In a lifetime of extraordinary change, this weekend marks yet another enormous threshold of growth. Today’s Cancer Full Moon and Lunar eclipse coincides directly with the full activation of the momentous Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which becomes exact on Sunday, Jan. 12th. The energies of this event have been building in intensity and will continue to integrate in the year to come.

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Happy New Moon! It’s a Day of Blessing and New Potential for Us All

Happy New Moon!  And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Christmas! However you celebrate this holiday and whatever your tradition, above all else this is a beautiful day to celebrate the “Christ-Light” that lives within us all. For those of us who follow astrology and the Lunar cycles, this year’s Christmas holiday is especially powerful as we anticipate tonight’s New Moon solar eclipse. The Capricorn New Moon Solar eclipse is on Wednesday, December 25th, at 9:13 pm PT. A Threshold of Positive Change We are poised today on a great threshold of new possibility and positive potential for us all. During a Solar eclipse the Moon temporarily covers the light of the Sun, which normally flows unceasing to Earth. During these moments when the Sun is blocked by the Moon, what is hidden within and normally unseen becomes illuminated. Tonight’s eclipse is called “annular.” […]

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Gemini Full Moon: Inspired Perspective & Living from the Heart

Our Gemini Full Moon brings the quality of individual empowerment to center stage, specifically through new qualities of wisdom, conscious awareness and inspired understandings. These new understandings include our ability to live in trust (rather than fear), to find our security within (rather than without), and to surrender old perceptions and habits of thought in order to grow and evolve in the present moment.

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