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First Quarter Report: Say “YES” to Your Life!

The week of First Quarter Moon is a key time for anchoring success in your life, and supercharged now by the Solar eclipse. I am inspired to connect today with some key strategies you can use to make the most of these opportunities.

The First Quarter Moon can be intense. There’s a certain amount of pressure that naturally goes along with this point in the cycle every month, so without understanding what’s happening it can be easy to get off track or misread the signals that you’re feeling.

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Sagittarius Full Moon: A Galactic Center Activation

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings new possibilities, new inspirations, and a renewed commitment to showing up for what is possible in your life. The significance of this year’s Sagittarius Moon is underscored by its direct conjunction with Galactic Center at 26-27º Sag. Galactic Center is the portal in our Galaxy through which all of creation emerges. It’s our doorway Home, our most direct connection to Oneness and the consciousness of Source.

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Taurus New Moon

Our New Moon at 15° Taurus is directly harnessing a signature of power and purpose so that we can each connect directly with new power in our own lives, through courage and determination and the willpower to fully show up to whatever the moment holds.

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Libra Full Moon: Balance from Within

Happy Resurrection Day! This morning the Sun rose at 1º Aries, and so today we can really FEEL the new energies that arrived with the Spring Equinox yesterday afternoon. I call this “resurrection day” because with today’s sunrise the Sun starts his new journey around the wheel of the year. This is truly a day of new beginnings and the celebration of life. As the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Aries there is a renewed sense of self. We are emerging, like tender shoots breaking through the soil and catching our first rays of light. This is a tender time! We must each be compassionate with ourselves and others, as we allow for the vulnerability of what is new to emerge. Influence of the Full Moon Wednesday’s spring equinox was accompanied by the Full Moon in Libra, which has created some unusually strong […]

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