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Full Moon Message: The Power of Compassion

Happy Full Moon! The Scorpio Full Moon is on Sunday April 29, at 5:58 pm PDT. The Scorpio Full Moon is taking us deep, allowing you to connect with the true power of compassion that lies within your heart. Compassion is the “super power” of the heart. It connects you to the truth of who you are. It also helps you feel the deep truth of your connection to others. While fear fragments and makes us vulnerable, it is the power of the heart that unifies and strengthens us. To be a Warrior of the Heart means to act with compassion, which is to extend both strength and kindness toward yourself and others. Compassion has good boundaries. With compassion you’re able to say both “yes” and “no” from the higher perspective of Love and connection. Compassion also means that you don’t have to take things […]

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New Moon Message: The Courage to Reach Beyond

Happy New Moon! The Aries New Moon is on Sunday, April 15, at 6:57 pm PDT. The Emperor card in tarot represents the Aries New Moon. This card speaks to your capacity now to connect with inner courage, independence, and the willingness to go beyond what has been known before. The Emperor of Aries is a pioneer. The astrology chart for this New Moon speaks to the potential to expand beyond what you have ever known. There’s a capacity now to transcend limitation and connect to new visions of what is truly possible in our world. The key element to success in the coming month is your ability to align to inner authority rather than old beliefs of limitation and experiences of past failure. This includes your ability to recognize the voice of your own inner critic, who, let’s face it, can be super convincing! […]

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New Moon Tarot: Transcending the Past

I’m happy to connect with you today at this powerful time. The Dog Year is definitely keeping us all busy! Each day, more and more, I appreciate the gifts and invaluable support from all those in my pack. It’s really clear that we’re all in this together. Even the greatest challenges turn to grand Adventure when they’re shared.

There’s a lot going on in the Mystery School these days. The big news of the past few weeks is that we have finished moving into our incredible new space. It’s exciting beyond words to have a beautiful environment to call our own. I can hardly wait for this weekend’s inaugural Leadership Retreat, and to celebrate with all of the individuals in our community who have worked so hard to help make this dream a reality.

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Solar Eclipse Tarot: Intelligence of the Heart

Happy Solar Eclipse! The Solar Eclipse and Aquarius New Moon occurs at 1:05 pm PST on Thurs, Feb. 15. Our Solar eclipse, which follows the Full Moon Lunar eclipse two weeks ago, opens a new connection to your ability to access your true intelligence through your inner guidance system. We’re talking here about the highest form of Aquarian intelligence, which is the quality of expanded wisdom that resides within your heart. It’s the wisdom within your heart that gives you access to true understanding, including the ability to align with the ongoing rhythms and cycles and patterns within the natural world. It’s this intelligence of the heart, aligned with the wisdom of Nature, that teaches us what it really means to be human. The natural qualities of human nature include cooperation, tolerance, compassion and generosity. These qualities are all highlighted this year through the energy […]

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New Moon Tarot: The Will to Rise

Happy New Moon! The Capricorn New Moon occurs on Tues, Jan 16 at 6:17 pm PT. I’m inspired to connect with you today. This month’s Capricorn New Moon is infusing our New Year with a huge dose of personal empowerment. In the coming month you’ll have the opportunity to receive new awareness of who you truly are, and new visions of ways in which you can contribute to the world. We stand at a very real threshold in a time of great change. The old forms of power and authority are being dismantled before our eyes and we are learning, day by day, about the deeper nature of truth. Despite the confusion within and without, in moments of grace we feel the power and truth of the light. We know that the journey ahead holds much Good for us all. The ultimate truth of what […]

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New Moon Tarot: Making Art with Your Life

Happy New Moon! Whatever cultural or spiritual tradition you follow at this time of year, the coming days hold the very real mystery the we each experience through the birth of new light. The Sagittarian New Moon helps us prepare for the light of Solstice. It brings an infusion of hope and the ability to envision our participation in a greater future, for ourselves and our world. The Sagittarian New Moon is on Sunday, December 17th at 10:30 pm. The tarot card for the Sagittarius Moon is Art, also known as Temperance. The word Temperance refers to the tempering of our consciousness and character through the alchemy of fire and light. This image holds deep teachings of the true nature of alchemy, which is about expanding into the truth of who we are. This New Moon is a time to bridge the light you hold […]

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