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Full Moon Tarot: The Alchemy of Inner Truth

Happy Full Moon! The Full Moon always sheds new light on our life circumstances, and this Gemini Moon promises to do just that. We’re at the midpoint of an especially potent Lunar cycle. As a human family we’re experiencing huge waves of contrast. With each each passing day we experience new sets of challenges. Each day also brings new opportunities, including new tools and new abilities that help us grow and navigate and participate in the unfolding. May the coming Full Moon and the days ahead be filled with abundant blessings, and may you find your connection to inner truth within all circumstances, even the most uncertain. Beth The Gemini Full Moon is on Sunday, Dec. 3 at 7:47 am PT. The tarot card for the Gemini Full Moon is The Lovers. The Gemini Moon holds an energy of eagerness and curiosity about the nature […]

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Full Moon Tarot: Living from the Power of Your Heart

Happy Full Moon! Tonight’s Full Moon in Taurus is providing a much needed dose of support to enable each of us to step forward in our lives from a place of inner truth and emotional power. The Taurus Full Moon is Friday, Nov. 3 at 10:23 pm PT. The Hierophant is the tarot card for the Taurus Full Moon. A Hierophant was a wisdom teacher in the ancient world. This card represents your ability to connect now to the deepest wisdom within, to feel the support of our Mother Earth, and to learn to bring your light to the world in practical ways. We will experience the illumination of this Full Moon within the depths of our hearts. We’re learning now to connect to our power through emotional strength, and to take action through our authentic desire to contribute to something larger than ourselves. Above […]

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New Moon Tarot: New Definitions of Success

Happy New Moon! The Libra New Moon is giving all of us an opportunity to take a breath, connect within, and receive new inspiration and new experiences of what is possible in the world. We need this re-boot! Life is full of change and much of it is super uncomfortable. From a higher vantage point, all of these changes are part of necessary growth, the result of rapidly expanding consciousness and the dismantling of whatever is no longer in alignment with higher forms of order. Each New Moon we receive new tools and new abilities to help us grow and navigate and contribute to the changes that are happening all around us. This New Moon represents a powerful shift, bringing forward the previous cycles of this year. It’s time now to integrate all that we’ve been learning in order to step into something new. The […]

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