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Oracle Wisdom for Your Life

with Elizabeth Schermer Whitefish, MT: April 27th – 28th, 2019 San Francisco, CA: Fall 2019 In this personal and life-changing weekend Elizabeth teaches you her time-tested techniques for using oracle and tarot cards for practical guidance in all parts of your life. This workshop is designed for all levels, from beginners to those who want […]

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You’re Invited: Upcoming “Year of the Dog” Talks

It’s Time to Tap into Earth Dog Vitality Learn more about the “Year of the Dog” at our annual Mystery School talk. Have you felt the infusion of new intensity over the past few days? The Earth Dog of 2018 is coming in strong! This year is all about showing up fully to express the truth of who you are in the world. This means balancing work with play, service with self-care, and independence with collaboration. Perhaps more than anything else, this year is all about your tribe and the pack (or packs) with whom you travel. It’s a year when your best efforts will come when you know that your tribe has your back and you can call on each other for support. Discover why this is the year manifest your dreams. Purchase Your Ticket Here   Highlights of the evening include: Transitioning from […]

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2018 Year of the Dog Presentations

2018 Year of the Dog Presentations Offered Twice: February 16th & 23rd. 2018 holds big changes for us all. Join us for our annual New Year talk, and discover how you can reap all of the rewards that the Year of the Dog has to offer. You’ll learn how to tap into the characteristics of the Earth Dog, which include perseverance, leadership, teamwork, loyalty, play, and strength in the face of challenge. We’ll also talk about how to successfully transition from the fiery energy of the 2017 Metal Rooster into the more practical nature of the 2018 Dog. The more you’re able to flow with the natural energies of the Universe the more you can ride the waves of change and choose an empowered perspective. Develop strategies for finding your healthy balance of activity this year, so you can navigate the natural opportunities and challenges […]

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