First Quarter Report: Say “YES” to Your Life!

This message comes to you during the second week of an epic Lunar Cycle.

I mean it when I say “EPIC”… I’ve been using that word a lot lately! The energies right now, and the potential for what you can create, goes far beyond what we can imagine.

This week of First Quarter Moon is a key time for anchoring success in your life. I am inspired to connect today with some effective strategies you can use to make the most of these opportunities.

The First Quarter Moon can be intense. There’s a certain amount of pressure that naturally goes along with this point in the cycle every month, so without understanding what’s happening it can be easy to get off track or misread the signals that you’re feeling.

In the following Eclipse Update I explain WHY the First Quarter Moon represents such a powerful opportunity, HOW the Solar Eclipse is amplifying this power, and WHAT you can do to maximize the ease and flow of these creative energies.

This is about coming Home, trusting your self, and believing in your heart’s desire. Truly, there’s more possible here – now – than you have ever dreamed of.

Here’s to saying YES to life!



PS – I am seeing people for private energy sessions through the end of this month. I’d be honored to help you connect directly with the abundant well being that’s waiting for you. Information and Scheduling HERE.

PPS – We still have a few copies of the Summer Lunar Journal. The journal is a great way to connect directly with the manifesting power of the Moon in your daily life.  Order yours today and I’ll ship it this week.


First Quarter Moon Message: Say YES to Life!

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