Full Moon Message: The Power of Compassion

Happy Full Moon!

The Scorpio Full Moon is on Sunday April 29, at 5:58 pm PDT.

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The Scorpio Full Moon is taking us deep, allowing you to connect with the true power of compassion that lies within your heart.

Compassion is the “super power” of the heart. It connects you to the truth of who you are. It also helps you feel the deep truth of your connection to others.

While fear fragments and makes us vulnerable, it is the power of the heart that unifies and strengthens us.

To be a Warrior of the Heart means to act with compassion, which is to extend both strength and kindness toward yourself and others. Compassion has good boundaries. With compassion you’re able to say both “yes” and “no” from the higher perspective of Love and connection. Compassion also means that you don’t have to take things personally. You can give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and also extend that grace toward others.

The strength of compassion transcends the past. It enables us to face our fear so we can see the Good and the Beauty that is always present, even in moments of confusion or challenge or loss. It allows us to release personal patterns of victim thinking so we can heal. It enables us to be fully available to the infinite potential within the “Now” moment.

The emotional strength that’s available with this Full Moon will build your muscles of compassion and help you show up to new possibilities in your life. Old patterns that have previously triggered blame or fear or limitation will be illuminated in new ways. Now when unexpected circumstances activate fear or blame, you can choose a new response, make a new adjustment – perhaps even write a new story!

The more you are able to claim your circumstances and, in each moment, choose strength and kindness for yourself and others, the more you’ll be able to build momentum, stay in the flow, and receive the infusion of creative joy that’s available now.

You are a powerful creator. Together we’re remembering who we are and writing new stories about what is possible in our world. This is a time to celebrate the brilliance of what and whom we are becoming. Trust your visions. Trust your dreams. Trust your inner truth. Trust the strength of the Love that binds us.

Happy Full Moon!


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