Full Moon Tarot: The Alchemy of Inner Truth

Happy Full Moon!

The Full Moon always sheds new light on our life circumstances, and this Gemini Moon promises to do just that.

We’re at the midpoint of an especially potent Lunar cycle. As a human family we’re experiencing huge waves of contrast. With each each passing day we experience new sets of challenges. Each day also brings new opportunities, including new tools and new abilities that help us grow and navigate and participate in the unfolding.

May the coming Full Moon and the days ahead be filled with abundant blessings, and may you find your connection to inner truth within all circumstances, even the most uncertain.


The Gemini Full Moon is on Sunday, Dec. 3 at 7:47 am PT.

The tarot card for the Gemini Full Moon is The Lovers.

The Gemini Moon holds an energy of eagerness and curiosity about the nature of the world and all forms of relationship. The Lovers card represents this commitment to exploring the world of contrast in order to fully come into relationship – with ourselves, with each other, and with our circumstances.

Gemini is all about objective (impartial) perspective. Polarity is a welcome experience in Gemini, since it’s only through polarity and contrast that we can learn new things.

The Full Moon astrology chart holds a strong signature of opposition and contrast, meaning that the next two weeks promise to be filled with abundant opportunities for new learning.

While some of the coming contrast may be volatile, there is an equally strong signature of harmony and new solutions to our problems. These new solutions result from new perspectives through our willingness to surrender old established ideas of right and wrong, success and failure.

When we surrender to our challenges by aligning within and asking to find the opportunity for new understanding, there is abundant creative help available. This is true not only on the personal level, but the planetary level as well.

The Full Moon tarot reading that follows is full of practical advice and encouragement. We’re bringing forward all that we have learned in order to integrate, collaborate, and expand what’s possible in our world.

I hope you enjoy the message and that it helps you discover your own tools for the coming days of adventure.

Full Moon Tarot: December 3 – 17

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