Gemini Full Moon: A New Power of Choice

Happy Full Moon!


Our Gemini Full Moon occurs at the end of a powerful eclipse cycle, enabling us to see what has previous been obscured from sight.

The Full Moon is activating new qualities of perception, with the inspiration to express your individual truth and a new awareness of your freedom to choose. 

This continues the recent New Moon theme of healing karma. You have the opportunity now to perceive and release all forms and patterns of limitation that unnecessarily restrict your ability to grow and expand.

Gemini Theme: Discovering the World

The Lovers in tarot represents the zodiac sign of Gemini. The symbols in this card express the dynamic qualities of polarity and inner balance that are part of Gemini’s power of choice. 

Gemini rules the intellect and the imagination. It helps us come to a personal understanding of the world. 

The marriage ceremony shown here represents the unified Mind and the healing of all perceptions of separation. In Gemini we find our path to wholeness through our commitment to the personal pursuit of truth and the freedom to explore the world. 

The swords in the background represent the quest for understanding. They form a cathedral overhead, symbolizing the spiritual power of truth. 

This freedom to pursue our personal quest for truth is what we are claiming now for ourselves, and for our collective.

Transcending the Past

A quick look at our astrology chart can help us understand how this Full Moon can be a game-changer, especially on the heels of the Solar eclipse. (See previous article, Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Healing the Past.)

The Full Moon polarity between Gemini (Moon) and Sagittarius (Sun) expresses the opportunity now to use the power of your personal choice (The Lovers) to explore your circumstances and the principles of life (Art) in new ways. 

The T-square with Neptune (Hanged Man) is the focus of the chart. It represents the need for clear decisions and actions in order resolve any potential conflict and bring the pattern to balance.  

As a transcendent planet, Neptune represents the evolution of consciousness and the willingness to let go of what is known in order to expand into new awareness. 

With Neptune forming the T-square, decisions and actions will require you to surrender limiting perceptions, including attachment to the past. The Hanged Man invites you to see with new eyes. 

In order to release past limitations, you must be willing now to let go of old habits and patterns. Your decisions and actions must come from a place of inner alignment and trust. You are invited to release the hold of fear, allow yourself to be held, and trust inner guidance to show you what you need to know.  

The Full Moon Spread

Knowing the opportunity of this time, I asked for a message from the cards to offer practical support and encouragement for us all.

The Lovers (lower center) in the position of Mind affirms the opportunity for new discovery, new insights and perspectives, and a new sense of your power of choice in each and every moment.

Since this is also the card for the Gemini Full Moon, there is an extra affirmation of your ability to make a shift at this time.

The Five of Wands, Strife, (left) is reversed in the position of Body and Circumstances. The reversal affirms the opportunity to transcend old habits and perspectives that result in stress and discomfort.

Pay attention to triggers. This card signifies new opportunities in the way you respond to stress when it DOES occur. The release will come from your choice (The Lovers) to explore both sides of a situation with fresh eyes. Hold curiosity (Gemini) and look within for the opportunity to ‘see’ in new ways. 

The Princess of Disks (right) in the position of Spirit signifies a new quality of confidence and trust during this process of new birth. 

In her left hand the Princess holds the Ace of Disks, representing the awareness of a new beginning. Her staff of power in her right hand is capped with a brilliant diamond, whose light she directs into the Earth. This signifies your ability now to draw down the Light of creation through your own body as you hold space in trust for what is being created within.

This is a new ability. In the position of Spirit, the Princess reminds you to ask for help when you need it. 

The Nine of Wands, Strength (center top) is in the position of What Needs to be Integrated. This card represents the importance now of your own alignment, through your practices and commitment to the spiritual principles of life. 

As an additional synchronicity, this card also represents the Sun in Sagittarius, yet another affirmation of the significance of this Full Moon.

You hold within the power that creates worlds. The Nine of Wands encourages you to set the intention for a new connection to your own alignment with Life and the wisdom that nourishes us all.

Claiming Your Power to Choose

Gemini liberates the individual Mind to think for itself. Our world needs this freedom now.

It is through liberated individuals, such as yourself, that our entire world will become free. 

Pay attention in the coming days to what is being revealed through the day-to-day circumstances of your life. Remember that you can see in new ways. Approach challenges with fresh eyes. Let go of assumptions and hold curiosity for what is there to learn and discover.

These are unprecedented times. We are moving beyond the programmed 3D matrix of limiting scarcity and fear, and in the midst of daily life we are giving birth to a new world. 

The expanding frontier of 5D consciousness welcomes contrast. It releases judgment. It appreciates both sides of every situation, and it knows the importance of divergent points of view.

We are together on this path of evolution. Consider that EVERY moment is an opportunity for new adventure, provided by your Higher Self and your non-physical Team of Support.

What can you see that you haven’t seen before?
What misunderstanding can you release?
What new decision or new action can you take? 

Remember, you have the power of choice. Enjoy the journey, one step at a time.

Happy Full Moon. 


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