Gemini Full Moon: Inspired Perspective & Living from the Heart

Happy Full Moon!

The Gemini Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, December 11th at 9:12 pm PT.

Each Full Moon illuminates whatever was launched two weeks ago, and brings it to the surface so you can more directly connect with whatever growth opportunities are available for you at this time.

The Full Moon is a time of rich opportunity. Our Gemini Moon is so full of opportunity that it’s difficult to concisely articulate the remarkable complexity (and coherence) of what’s being illuminated for us right now.

In some ways this is a “coming of age” Moon. As individuals on the leading edge of change, we are now each poised to take our lives and our collective adventure to the next level.

This up-leveling is also true of the groups and projects with which we’re involved.

One thing that’s been most inspiring for me about the Lunar cycles over this past year is the way that personal empowerment has been featured, over and over. And how these themes of empowerment have been building and integrating.

Each New Moon and Full Moon over the past several months has brought a new message of encouragement, with healings and activations for each of us on our personal paths of empowerment.

This current Full Moon brings the quality of individual empowerment to center stage, specifically through new qualities of wisdom, conscious awareness and inspired understandings. These new understandings include our ability to live in trust (rather than fear), to find our security within (rather than without), and to surrender old perceptions and habits of thought in order to grow and evolve in the present moment.

The key that will most easily open your personal connection to our current Full Moon is the quality of inspiration. The inspiration within our Gemini Moon includes feelings of appreciation, beauty, eagerness, confidence, curiosity, gratitude, abundance, independence, magic and wonder.

We’re each preparing for new birth.

We can feel it. Many of us are physically experiencing a sense of culmination of the past, and an inspired eagerness for the future that is palpable.

In astrological terms, this sense of new birth is connected with the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction that will be activated with the Lunar eclipse on January 10th. (For those of you who don’t follow astrology I’ll be writing more about the significance of this upcoming conjunction. Short story? It’s important:))

Please see my video message that follows for more explanation and details of this powerful Full Moon, and how you can personally connect to inspiration today and in the days to come.

We’re poised for greatness. YOU’RE poised for greatness.

Believe in the magic. Open your heart to receive all of the Good that’s waiting for you. The time is NOW. Let’s do this.



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Full Moon Message: December 11th – 25th



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