Gemini Solar Eclipse: Access to Truth

Happy Solar Eclipse!


I’m inspired and grateful to connect with you today, as we stand together on the cusp of a new gateway of growth and evolution.


I hope you find what’s here helpful and encouraging.


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And now, back to the Gemini eclipse.


A Solar eclipse illuminates the inner shadow, bringing to light what has previously been hidden from sight. When the Moon darkens the face of the Sun, the nature of light changes. What becomes illuminated are new definitions of contrast between shadow and light.


Those who have experienced a total eclipse can appreciate the remarkable experience, how shadows emerge and become highlighted and defined into patterns never seen before.


This physical shadow activation of a Solar eclipse also happens emotionally and spiritually. When the outer ‘normal’ light of daily awareness is darkened, the light and shadows we hold within are more easily revealed.

The Gemini Influence

The process of revelation that happens during every Solar eclipse is amplified now through the zodiac influence of Gemini. Gemini rules the mind, uniting our intellect with imagination and intuition to give us access to higher Mind.


The mind in Gemini is fueled through curiosity and the desire to expand beyond what has been known before. It’s this Gemini desire to learn that gives us courage to explore contrast and challenge so we can discover new insights and knowledge about ourselves and our world.


The Gemini eclipse is further activated by a 1-degree conjunction to Mercury, which is Gemini’s ruler. This means that your intuitive abilities and imagination can go to a whole new level now, especially with the influence of Neptune and Jupiter which are supporting your personal and spiritual expansion.


What this means is that you can see and realize things now that you’ve never seen before. You have a new connection to the light and new clarity of the strength and authority you hold within. Gemini loves the unexpected. Contrast is welcomed as a necessary part of learning. You have the power now to learn, discover, and realize for yourself what you haven’t been aware of before. 


This is a time to face your fears, and welcome the shadow as well as the light. What is being revealed has been there all along. The more you can embrace the totality, the more you can choose how you will respond. This will enable you to rise above and beyond whatever unnecessary limitations have been holding you back from the full truth of who you are and what is best for you.

Eclipse Theme: The Quest for Inner Knowing

The Lover’s card in tarot represents the zodiac sign of Gemini. This archetype holds powerful teachings about the quest for knowledge and unity in life.


The Great Marriage symbolized in the card represents wholeness, unity and the healing of all forms of separation, inner knowing that brings all polarities into a larger unified whole.


On the personal level, this is ultimately about your relationship to yourself, and the healing of all experiences of separation, isolation, and loss, so you can find your true connection to Love within.


The figure in the background overseeing the marriage is the Hermit of tarot, representing your Higher Self and the strong presence of inner Truth to guide you.


The principle of inner Truth is also represented by the swords in the background, which form the cathedral for the marriage. These are the swords of higher truth, which are the symbol for Gemini.


Swords represent the mind. When the sword (mind) is developed as a spiritual tool it enables us to see and perceive with new clarity. This is why the sword is also the symbol for your imagination and intuition. It is your intuition that connects you to the larger realms of possibility. In this way the sword helps us see beyond our fear and becomes a powerful tool for healing.


We are learning to use the power of our minds to transcend illusion and fear-based thinking. The Lovers card reminds us that the quest for Truth and knowledge begins within.


This eclipse is strengthening your ability to trust your inner guidance and face your fears, with new-found courage and the willingness to see what you haven’t seen or understood before. 

Owning the Shadow and the Light

The sword of Truth contains a powerful shadow. The mind is often our downfall. The mind is easily programmed through fear, and as humans we have trouble discerning truth from falsehood.


When our intellects become separated from our intuition, we lose our connection to inner authority and guidance. All experiences of fear, including doubt, worry, confusion, judgment and blame are signals of a loss of connection to your inner Self and true knowing.


This is a simple way to talk about the shadow of this world, which for millennia has been controlled by fear, violence and distortion of the truth.


The good news is that this eclipse in Gemini is illuminating your inner connection to truth so that you have a new-found ability to explore, and learn, and choose for yourself what you will think and believe.


This is a time to use the power of your mind to choose what will best serve YOU. You are no longer a servant to old beliefs and fear-based systems that limit your ability to fully experience the truth of your Light.


Know now with conviction that the past is over. The New Earth is here, within me and you. This eclipse is activating a quantum field of potential beyond what we have ever known before.


The Earth has never been at this level of evolution. The challenges and shadows that are being revealed are a necessary part of our healing. The more we are able to show up and own the reality of the light and the dark within our world, the more we will heal and unite.


In each moment you have a choice of where you will place your attention. Whatever you focus upon is what you amplify and create. Each moment that you choose freedom, life and health from your own inner compass you are contributing to freedom for all.


Do your best now to transcend judgment of others, and focus on your own path forward.

New Moon Eclipse Spread

Eclipses are intense, and this current cycle is especially so. We’re  preparing now for a whole new wave of creation. Realizing the opportunity and challenge of the time, i asked for a spread to both inspire us and offer practical advice for the days ahead.


First of all, the presence of three Major Arcana cards (Star, Hierophant and Art) affirms that we are, indeed, in a time of very high and powerful spiritual potential, beyond what we normally experience in daily life.


There aren’t any minor Arcana cards present. These are the cards that give practical advice and focus for your actions.  Their absence underscores the importance now of focusing internally, on your own insights and personal growth. The Princess of Wands, to the left, affirms the very real new birth that is occurring within.


Now for the reading itself.


The Star, upper center, in position of Mind and Awareness, indicates the ability to experience new realizations and understandings, especially through your direct connection to the higher realms of Light.


This is also the card for Aquarius. In this position of the spread it is indicating a new realization of the truth of the New Earth – as it lives within you. This is a time to radiate the truth of You, a time to offer your light, your learning, and your inner knowing, with love.


The Princess of Wands, left, in the position of Body and Circumstances, affirms new experiences of inspired courage and willpower that are available to you at the time.


Like the Phoenix, the Princess is reborn. She has faced the fire of initiation and now she emerges victorious, revitalized and inspired. She no longer fears the shadow; she has harnessed and tamed the tiger, and brings him with her as companion.


The Hierophant, right, in the position of Spirit, represents new awareness of the Self as divine. This is a message from your own Higher Self, saying that you ARE on your path, that you are sovereign in this world, and that you hold within all you need to know.


The final card, Art, expresses what is being integrated.  This is the card of alchemy, of learning how to fully show up to your life to become your true self.


This is a huge synchronicity, as it is also the card for the Sagittarius Lunar eclipse two weeks ago. This eclipse opened a new field of quantum possibility. Appearing here we receive encouragement to trust that transformation and healing IS possible, for ourselves and our world.


Overall, the energies of the spread indicate that this is a transformative spiritual time, a time of new beginnings, elevated above and beyond what we normally expect in daily life.


Set the intention now to see with fresh eyes, Place your awareness within, trust the guidance of your own authority, and allow inner truth to guide you. There are marvelous adventures ahead.


Happy New Moon!



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