Happy New Moon! It’s a Day of Blessing and New Potential for Us All

Happy New Moon!  And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Christmas!

However you celebrate this holiday and whatever your tradition, above all else this is a beautiful day to celebrate the “Christ-Light” that lives within us all.

For those of us who follow astrology and the Lunar cycles, this year’s Christmas holiday is especially powerful as we anticipate tonight’s New Moon solar eclipse.

The Capricorn New Moon Solar eclipse is on Wednesday, December 25th, at 9:13 pm PT.

A Threshold of Positive Change

We are poised today on a great threshold of new possibility and positive potential for us all.

During a Solar eclipse the Moon temporarily covers the light of the Sun, which normally flows unceasing to Earth. During these moments when the Sun is blocked by the Moon, what is hidden within and normally unseen becomes illuminated.

Tonight’s eclipse is called “annular.” Because of the Moon’s distance from Earth it’s not able to fully cover the Sun, so it leaves a ring of fire, as shown in the image here.

This ring of fire represents your inner Flame, the inner transforming fire of life that fuels you and allows you to grow and change and express yourself in the world.

During a Solar eclipse when the Sun is blocked, your inner flame comes to light. It illuminates all that has been hidden. This includes aspects of brilliance and unclaimed treasures that have been previously unseen or unacknowledged.

Hold curiosity today for the treasures and dreams and strengths that YOU are ready to claim.

  • How can you connect more fully to your inner Fire and the transforming truth of who you are?
  • What has been previously unseen? What are the inner treasures that you will reveal to the world?
  • What will you bring to form in the days and years to come?

This is a time to celebrate. Tonight’s Solar eclipse at 5° Capricorn represents an unusually powerful convergence of cosmic opportunity. Our Capricorn “ring of fire” eclipse anchors a seed of new possibility, and the opportunity for a new beginning within each of us and within our world.


Oracle Message for the Christmas Day New Moon

As I meditated this morning on the seeds of new opportunity we are receiving today, I asked to connect to the depth and possibility of what is being birthed at tonight’s New Moon.

I pulled an oracle card, asking how we can show up today to bring forward the very BEST of who we are and what we dream for our world.

We received the oracle affirmation of “Infinite Potential.”

The oracle message comes from Celtic goddess Cerridwyn, keeper of the cauldron and the inner Flame. (This synchronicity is tied to tonight’s Ring of Fire eclipse, which literally activates your own inner Flame.)

Cerridwyn says, “Imagine greatness and there will be greatness .

“Envision peace and there will be peace.

“Choose Love, choose gratitude, and choose faith in the Divine magic that flows through you.

“Regardless of the limitations imposed on you by the past and by the outside world, your true Destiny is coalescing now on your behalf.”

This is a day to Dream.
Dream big and believe your dreams.
You are more powerful, loving and creative that you have known.
Trust that everything you need exists to bring your dreams to form.
And more.

Happy Christmas.


Today’s oracle card and quoted text comes from the Goddess Power oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.


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