Happy Equinox! Let’s Welcome New Beginnings

Happy Equinox!

This year’s spring equinox happened Wednesday March 20, at 2:59 pm PT.

The equinox occurs halfway between winter and summer solstice, when the Sun leaves Pisces and enters the zodiac sign of Aries. Each year this marks the beginning of a new cycle of time and a season of new birth.

Today you can truly claim the new beginning. You can bring forward the wisdom of the past, but you are no longer bound by it. Today the slate is wiped clean. You begin anew. Free and whole.

Aries is the cardinal sign of fire, known for qualities of leadership, adventure, and personal power. This is a day to celebrate possibility and welcome new qualities of creativity, inspiration, and willpower into your life. If you work with tarot cards you can consult the Emperor and Queen of Wands cards to explore more of these qualities.

We also have a Libra Full Moon today, adding to the unique nature of this year’s equinox. I’ll be in touch again tomorrow with more details for understanding the significant shift we’re in.

For now, let’s celebrate LIFE!



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Spring Equinox Message: March 20, 2019

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