Happy Summer Solstice: It’s Time to Shine!

Happy Solstice!

At Summer Solstice on the longest day, we arrive at the peak point of solar power in the year.


Today’s sunrise welcomed a new beginning to your life.


This is a time to receive new infusions of vitality and inspiration. It’s a time to make a new connection to your true Self, and a time to re-commit to your personal purpose and your path of heart.


At Summer Solstice your path of heart includes commitment to self care and joy and abundant well being.


What choices can you make each day to bring more joy to your life?

Amplified Opportunity

This year’s Solstice arrives during a powerful eclipse cycle, which is amplifying the opportunity for new choices and positive change.


With the recent Solar eclipse, what has been previously hidden is now revealed in order that you can make huge evolutionary leaps forward in your life. (See Gemini Solar Eclipse: New Access to Truth.)


You have the power now to see with new clarity. You have the freedom to make healthy personal choices so you can move in creative new directions that will best serve you.


What you choose now and in the coming days has the power to open new doors and create new trajectories for your life moving forward.


What is important now is to commit to yourself and your power to choose.


The positive changes that result from your choices and your commitment to your true Self will unfold over the coming weeks and months. 


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The Power of Fortunate Change

The Chariot is the tarot card for Summer Solstice and the zodiac sign of Cancer.


This card connects us to the energy of Cancer, which is about coming home to ourselves and finding our place in the world.


The Charioteer in this beautiful image represents you, moving forward in life from a place of trust and security in your higher Self (the golden armor).


The four pillars of the chariot represent stability and safety, while you trust the Universe to carry you forward on your path of opportunity and blessing (the yellow brick road and the spinning wheel of Fortune).


You can work with the teachings in this card to support your ability now  to make a new commitment to your personal path of purpose and blessing.  

Raising a New Flag

Summer Solstice occurs at 1° Cancer.


On the Wheel of the Year this point is at the bottom of the wheel, creating the nadir of the year, the ground point, and the root at which we make a personal grounding connection into our life in the world.


The Sabian symbol for the Solstice at 1° Cancer is “The sailors on a ship at sea, lowering the old flag and raising a new one.”


This symbol represents a new personal statement of purpose and a new claim of allegiance to your true Self.


The ‘sailors’ represent you. These are all the parts of yourself that work together to navigate your life. The ‘ship at sea’ represents your consciousness, which is the vessel in you travel the sea of life. (The ship is akin to the Chariot in the tarot card described above.)


‘Lowering the old flag and raising the new one’ represents the point of choice and a new statement of purpose.


What would it mean to raise a new flag dedicated to your true Self?


This is a day to lower the old flag and claim a new allegiance. The flag you lower represents letting go of old choices and identities in the world that no longer serve you.


The new flag you raise represents the statement of new commitment and freedom to express your highest and best. 


Claiming your true Self in the power of Summer Solstice will lead to new momentum, new possibilities, and new blessings for the future.


This is a time to celebrate all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you are bringing forward.


The necessary changes in our world will come through each of us, as empowered individuals who join together to bring forward new creations.


For today, celebrate your life. Celebrate your power to choose.


Connect with the Sun and the solar energies of Light that fuel your life. In this way you will find new alignment with the stream of infinite well being that is available in every moment.


It’s time to shine.





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