Join the Abundance Adventure!

Are you ready to permanently shift your inner connection to prosperity?

Are you ready to align with the Universe and receive the unlimited flow of abundance that is always available?

Join our Abundance Adventure and over the coming day’s you’ll do just that.

  • You’ll experience the best of the coming season of gratitude and prosperity.
  • You’ll launch your new year with inspiration, clear intention, and a new sense of purpose and flow.
  • AND You’ll create a path of abundance paved with power, focus, and ease that will serve you for the rest of your life

The good news? This program is easy and naturally fits into your daily life.

Our Abundance Adventure starts this Saturday.
Cost: $40

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Read on for the details.
I look forward to Adventuring with you![spacer height=”20px”]

A Time Tested Practice

This program is based on “The Abundance Book,” by John Randolph Price. Since it was first published in 1987, millions of people have benefited from the simple and effective process he developed.

Abundance is a natural part of life. Each day of the program you will set aside a few minutes to focus on one Abundance principle.

There are ten principles in all, and we cycle through these ten principles four times, for a total of 40 days.

Over the course of 40 days you’ll explore each of the ten abundance principles four times. This repetition in itself becomes a wonderful journey of discovery.

Each time you revisit each principle it becomes more familiar, more personal and more dynamic, leading to new beliefs, new qualities of embodiment, and new realizations about the truth of what “PROSPERITY” and “ABUNDANCE” really are.

The power of a 40 day practice is well known throughout the world’s spiritual traditions. This specific period of time enables lasting transformation and new birth. In practical ways we know that new habits become anchored if we can commit to 40 days of practice.[spacer height=”20px”]

Dates: Saturday, Nov. 23 – Jan. 1, New Year’s Day 2020.[spacer height=”20px”]

Reasons for Success

It’s simple and strategic. The entire program only takes 10-15 minutes per day and can easily fit into your morning or evening routine. From the beginning you will find yourself looking forward to your daily abundance meditation.

It actively builds abundance beliefs into your daily life awareness. By meditating for a few minutes each day on these universal principles of creation you will bring them into conscious awareness. The power of repetition further strengthens them. At the same time you’ll effortlessly release subconscious programming around all forms of limitation and lack, however they appear in your life.

It anchors healthy habits you will carry forward. The daily habit of taking a few minutes every day to focus your intentions will stay with you into the future. By consistently committing to a set practice for a few minutes each day, you will be poised to launch 2020 with a strong foundation.

It harnesses the power of the group to amplify your personal experience. By participating in a larger group, when we focus our intentions on similar principles of Universal Law we amplify the opportunities for abundant blessings for each of us and our world.

How it Works

  • When you register you will receive a complete packet that fully describes the program and everything you need to know.
  • The only additional material you will need is a journal or notebook for recording thoughts and reflections from your daily meditation.
  • Beginning Saturday you will set aside 10 -15 minutes each day to meditate on one of the Ten Principles. (You’ll receive these principles in your program packet when you register and also daily via email.)
  • Each day, beginning this coming Saturday, you’ll receive an email that will include the principle for the day, as well as a daily astrology message from the Sun to help you tap into the energies of Abundance in your life. For those who work with Tree of Life, there will also be an affirmation connecting the daily principle with one of the ten Sephirah on the Tree.
  • You’ll have the option of joining a private Facebook group in order to share stories, questions, and synchronicities with other members of the program.

Our Abundance Adventure starts this Saturday.
Cost: $40

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Your Registration Includes:

  • The program packet, received as a download when you register.
  • Daily email message with the daily abundance principle and daily astrology reading.
  • Daily distance energy work to amplify and build momentum.

Join Us!

This practice has resulted in real and positive changes in my own life and the lives of many other people within the Mystery School community. This is a powerful and fun way to bring this year to close and prepare for the coming new year with new inspiration and abundant well being.

If you’re ready to be part of a creative collective of visionaries who are transforming their lives through intention and practice, then this 40 day session is for you.

See you there!



PS – You’re welcome to include your family, friends, and soulmates on our Adventure of Abundance. If you know someone who would benefit, please forward this message.

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