Leo Full Moon – Inner Strength in Times of Change

Happy Full Moon!

The Leo Full Moon occurred on Saturday, February 8th at 11:33 pm PT.

We are currently crossing an incredible threshold of accelerated growth and new birth.

This energizing Full Moon is bringing you the inner strength of emotional resilience to help you anchor positive momentum as you navigate all of the changes and opportunities in your life.

Accelerated growth creates intensity because the healthy flow of new momentum is in contrast to strong inertia from the past.

Inertia from our past is created from whatever we carry within that longer matches our direction of new momentum. When we’re committed to personal growth our limiting patterns become triggered so they can be healed.

Although it can be uncomfortable, the intensity is ultimately healthy. Our unresolved issues are being unearthed and revealed now in order that we can come to terms with them and release the baggage that we no longer need to carry.

This is an ongoing process. Each Lunar cycle brings new tools and new qualities of awareness to help you expand and grow and heal.

Our Leo Full Moon brings new levels of emotional resilience and stability that will enable you to stay balanced within, face unexpected challenges, and take practical steps to anchor positive momentum in your life.

The tarot card for the Leo Full Moon is Lust, also known as Strength.

This archetype represents your inner Lust for life, your ability to tap into the deep reserves of strength and inner vitality that sustain you.

In this image of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has harnessed her fears (the lion) in order to fully claim her inner strength and fully express the fullness of who she is in all of her glory.

Our Leo Full Moon brings inner strength through new levels of emotional resilience and stability that will enable you to be fully present, even during times of stress or unexpected circumstances.

The current qualities of emotional resilience means that when you DO lose your balance (and we all do!) you’ll be able to learn and integrate more quickly so you can use the experience as an opportunity for growth.

Remember, the Universe has your back. In every moment you have access to what you need.

The coming two weeks are a valuable time to commit to staying present and using your tools to show up for the opportunities present in every moment. Pay attention to patterns of emotional triggers that can drain you and sidetrack your momentum.

Pay attention to your feelings. Remember in every moment you can choose your own frequency. This is the best and most practical way to build momentum in life.

The only requirement is to show up each day and do your best. The more we can help each other, sharing our tools and support, the more we can move forward in the direction of our visions and dreams.

The Full Moon tarot reading that follows offers more details and practical advice for the coming two weeks.

Thank you for all you are doing to bring your unique gifts to the world.

Best Wishes,


PS: For more specifics on the astrology of our Full Moon I recommend Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article.

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