Leo Full Moon: Realizations of New Possibility

Happy New Moon!


Our Leo Full Moon is infused with new realizations of possibility, as well as new reserves of the inner strength you need to choose your perspective and face forward with open-hearted courage and joy.

Leo energy is filled with fiery creativity and the inspiration to express yourself authentically in all of your glory.

Our Leo Full Moon brings this quality of inner strength and awakening, to enable you to be fully present, even during times of stress or unexpected events.

Harnessing Inner Strength and Courage

The tarot card for the Leo Moon is “Lust,” also known as “Strength” in other decks.

This archetype represents your Lustre, your inner strength and Lust for life.

In this image of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has harnessed her fears (the shadows of the inner earth that surround her) in order to fully claim her fiery strength and courage (the Lion). In doing so, she and Lion turn to gold and she prepares to emerge, fully expressing the truth of who she is in all of her glory.

You are invited now to feel this invitation. This is a time to claim your true radiance, your confidence, your joy, your creativity, and the deep reserves of inner strength that sustain you.

New Realizations & the Power of Choice

The astrology chart for our Leo Full Moon is infused with the energy of transformation. This comes through a powerful T-square with the Full Moon, formed by a conjunction with Uranus and Mars.

T-squares call us to make decisions as a result of contrast and new realizations. This energy can feel oppressive or stressful, but only if we resist the opportunity for change that can be harnessed through inner focus, alignment, and decisions that lead to clear action.

This Full Moon activation of Uranus and Mars holds new opportunity to see things clearly, including sudden realizations, breakthroughs and flashes of insight.

In order to allow the breakthroughs (the revolutionary energy of Uranus), you must use your tools to align within. When you are connected within, observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are able to let the energies flow so you can choose your perspective and response based on spiritual guidance.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Knowing the challenges and opportunities of this powerful Full Moon, I drew the following tarot spread, asking for encouragement and guidance for our path forward.

Those who work with the cards will recognize the remarkable clarity and power of the message here. (Furthermore, these cards practically flew from the deck as I set my intention for the spread.)

The central card, Adjustment, in the position of Mind, affirms the importance now of committing to your inner alignment. This card also appeared in the same position in the New Moon spread two weeks ago. This is further emphasis of the importance of inner alignment at this time.

The 8 of Wands, Swiftness, in the position of Body & Circumstances (left), represents the importance of showing up fully, through your alignment (octahedron and Adjustment card) so you can allow the fast-moving energies of change to flow through you (red lightning bolts). The rainbow affirms the importance of trusting in the highest and best. Place your focus there and the energies will follow.

Lust, in the position of Spirit (right), affirms the potentials of the Leo Moon. This card in the position of Spirit encourages you that All is Well. Remember that your Inner Being, your Higher Self, is always available for support. Remember always to ask for the help and strength you need.

Together, this spread affirms that the Universe IS aligned and together we ARE on the path forward.

The 4th card, Queen of Wands (center), represents a final affirmation of your ability now to connect with new levels of insight, courage and compassion for yourself and others.

The Future is Now

With this Full Moon you can strengthen your connection to the higher frequencies of consciousness and 5-D awareness.  You can recognize 5-D when you feel calm, clear and confident. Even more when you are filled with optimism, creativity and joy.

Within the frequencies of the fifth dimension, the future we create is here now. Despite the challenges, day by day we are anchoring these energies into our world.

Your Inner Being, Higher Self and Guides affirm that you are ready.

You have faced the dark night with courage and commitment.

You have learned from the shadows.

Like the Queen of Wands you are turning to light, ready to emerge into the new day.

Remember always that you have within all that you need.

In the days ahead:

  • Rely on your Inner Being and the wisdom of your heart.
  • Commit to your tools and practices, and nourish your connections of support.
  • Cultivate the muscles of appreciation and curiosity. These build resilience so you can navigate challenges with grace and compassion for yourself and others.

Thank you for all you do for our beautiful world.



PS : The past is over! This is a time to celebrate new beginnings and hold curiosity for what is yet to be revealed.

Full Moon Message Jan. 28 – Feb. 11

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  1. Julie Minks Smith

    Thank you so much for your message! Came at the perfect timing…and needed the validation!

  2. Thank you, Julie. I’m so glad that the message was helpful. Here’s to inspiration and new possibilities of creation!

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