Leo New Moon: Courage in Times of Change

Happy New Moon!


Our Leo New Moon is infused with fiery energies of vitality, courage and inner power. This is a time to pay attention to your inner alignment in order to be available to these potentials.


The times are challenging for all of us, as planetary forces of change continue to build. The outmoded power structures that strive to limit our freedoms are crumbling, creating space for the birth of new systems that will better serve to heal and liberate humanity.


In the midst of these times of change, the Leo New Moon brings a welcome opportunity to regroup and reconnect with your own center and inner truth. The more you’re able to connect now within, the more you’ll be able to align with the energies of vitality and inspiration that are  here to support your growth. 


Leo’s energy supports inspired leadership of all forms. As we each show up for our own path of purpose, together we contribute to the momentum of new birth in our world.


Leo Theme: Inner Strength

The tarot card for the Leo Moon is called Lust, also known as Strength.


This card represents your connection to the fire of your inner strength, your true radiance, your creative vitality and your authentic Lust for life.


In this image of Beauty and the Beast, Beauty has faced her fears (the shadows that surround her). She has harnessed her will and embraced her courage (the Lion).  As she finds her strength within, she is no longer afraid of her power, and she and the Lion together are turning into gold.


She now prepares to emerge into the world, fully expressing the radiant truth of who she is in all of her glory. She holds aloft the flame of Truth, representing her willingness now to allow the wisdom of Spirit to lead her.


The Healing Power of Fire

Leo’s brilliance is associated with the solar consciousness of the Sun, as well as the rising flame of the kundalini life force that we hold deep within. 


A simple and effective way to work with the Sun is use your intuition to connect, and then breathe in that golden light. Breath by breath, allow it to fill your solar plexus and activate your inner Sun until the light within you radiates through your body, fills every cell and illuminates your field. This solar light of consciousness reminds you of who you truly are. It heals and makes you whole. It brings you home.


You can also connect with your inner fire through the kundalini energy that slumbers in your lower energy centers. Those who already have experience with these practices will find this a helpful time to nurture their inner hearth.


These healing powers of Source energy are here now for cleansing, clearing and infusing you with vitality. There is courage, inspiration and willpower available to help you transcend all types of restriction, so you can expand more fully into the radiant truth of who you really are.


Like Beauty embracing her inner Light, you are encouraged now to feel this invitation to Rise. This is a time to claim your true radiance, your confidence, your joy, your creativity, and the deep reserves of inner strength that sustain you.    


New Moon Spread

In preparation for the New Moon spread I asked for strong guidance and encouragement for everyone receiving this message.


Encouragement and inspiration both abound here. Those of you who know the cards can feel the synchronicities within this powerful message. (I promise that the cards really did appear – in this order – as I pulled them from the deck.) The Universe is telling us that we’re on track!


The central two cards, Art and Lust, are both associated with the elemental Fire of the New Moon. They affirm the potent power of creative vitality and courage that’s here to support your transformation. This is both personal and and for us together, as a human family.


Second, the presence of two Queens on either side affirms new qualities of mastery and leadership through inner authority. Queens rule from the heart with strength and compassion. This encourages you, in this moment, to claim and experience a new level of authority in your life. 


The central card, Art, (top), in the position of Mind and Awareness represents you, as the Artist and Alchemist of your life. The other name for this card is “Temperance” which represents the tempering of your consciousness through the trials and tests of life.


You are ready now to fully show up for your circumstances. You came for this time, you’re in the right place, and you’re using your tools to heal and transform. 


The Queen of Disks (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents a new commitment to health and abundant well being. Self-care is important right now. Because the Queens represent leadership, this is a reminder that when you intentionally nourish your own life you are at the same time cultivating nourishment for others. The Queens are also future oriented. You’re paving the way now for the world that is coming.


The Queen of Swords (right) in position of Spirit represents new qualities of clarity and intuition through your connection to higher realms. You can see beyond what you have been taught to see and the world is much larger than you have known.


In this position, this card is also a reminder to ask for help when you’re not sure of the next steps forward. 


Finally, our New Moon card Lust appears (center bottom) in the position of What’s Being Integrated.


This card in this placement is extremely significant, acting like an exclamation point, saying “YES! This Lunar Cycle IS important!” In the coming days you can receive new courage to embrace your Light, face your fears, and find your strength within.


It's a New Day

The Leo New Moon holds a unique signature of community and dedication to higher principles of life.


The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 17° Leo is “A volunteer church choir singing spiritual hymns.” This symbol represents the creation of intentional community living in service to the Light.


Transformation IS possible and is happening in every moment. The challenges, however they appear, are strengthening us. Together we are learning and growing and transcending the old patterns that have bound us. Like the Phoenix, together we rise.


This is a time to trust in life. The New Earth is coming to form within each of us. It lives in our hearts, in our visions, and in the way we learn to love.


You are encouraged now to fully trust and cultivate your connection to the fire of your spirit. Pay attention to whatever shows up, honor your emotions, and be kind to yourself and others.


Whether you’re experiencing a time of challenge or ease (or both:), remember to trust your inner alignment and the power of the Light. Ask for help when you need it. Embrace the process and remember that in every moment you are loved.


Happy New Moon,


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