Leo New Moon: Harness Your Power Within

Happy New Moon!
Our Leo New Moon occurred on Tuesday, August 18th at 7:42 pm PDT.

Our Leo New Moon is bringing us all a welcome infusion of creativity, inspiration, and personal vitality.

While every New Moon brings a fresh start, this particular Moon promises a unique experience of rejuvenation and creative inspiration for the future that lies ahead.

The past several months have been enormously challenging for us all. This New Moon is inviting you now to take a pause to allow yourself a few days to regroup, recharge and restore.

This period of inner renewal is emphasized by all five outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto, being in retrograde. This retrograde energy strengthens inner focus, allowing a period of re-building and restoration of your vitality and personal power.

This is all in preparation for new creations to come, with new visions of possibility for our future.

Harness Your Power

In the midst of challenge, it’s time to focus within.

The Lust card, also known as Strength, represents the energizing qualities of Leo. The power of Leo’s energy can help you now connect within to new levels of inner creativity and strength.

Pay attention to your physical and emotional well being. Ground to the light, both above and below. Draw it in and allow it to build within you.

Nurture feelings of calm, trust, and inner balance. These qualities of well being are the signal that you’re anchored within, aligned with higher self and source.

Use the next two weeks, leading up to the Full Moon, to restore and strengthen your connection to the powers of life that sustain you.

Vitality requires inner alignment. To prepare for new opportunities we must build our reserves and our muscles of emotional resilience.

Cultivate the touchstone of inner calm. When you feel worried, angry or afraid use your practices to return your focus within.

Take attention away from what drains you. When you find yourself triggered, bring your awareness within and focus on your breath. Use your tools to return to calm and centered balance.

This isn’t about escaping. It’s about preparing ourselves for new levels of leadership and new realms of creation.

Instead of the ever-present scenarios of downfall, imagine the new solutions we will create together. Allow these visions to fuel your inspiration.

We are here to bring freedom and joy to the world.

Thank you for all you are doing to bring light to the world.

This IS our time.



See the New Moon video message below for more specifics, including astrology, a tarot reading, and practical tools for success.

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