Leo New Moon: Inspired New Beginnings

Happy New Moon!

The Leo New Moon occurs on Wednesday, July 31st, at 8:12 PM PDT.

Our Leo New Moon is infused with a huge dose of creativity, inspiration, courage, and inner strength. This fiery energy of vitality and joy ignites the light that resides deep within, to illuminate new visions of possibility and purpose in your life.

The Lust card in tarot represents the Leo Moon. One of the most beautiful cards in the entire deck, this painting shows the story of Beauty and the Beast, and how they turn together into light when Beauty faces her fears and embraces the strength of the Lion (the Beast within).

This is an image of true creativity and the power of fully claiming the truth of who you are in all of your glory.

In the same way, this New Moon is a time of personal creativity, a time to fully commit to yourself. To your fire, your passion, and your inner light.

The creative fire of the Leo Moon helps us heal by coming fully present to ourselves and the truth of what IS. This ability to be fully present – to accept the present moment without fear – is the secret to following your bliss.

It may not seem so at first glance, but Bliss and Courage are actually two sides of the same coin. We can’t experience bliss unless we can dance with our fear. Bliss and Courage are both fueled by our inner light, and we can’t have one without the other.

This Moon is the next step in an ongoing series of powerful Lunar cycles of healing and positive change.

The Lunar eclipse two weeks ago carried an energy of liberation and freedom from the past. Now, the Leo Moon continues to carry on this wave of new momentum in order to help you connect more fully with your true Self, and new visions of what is possible.

This is a time to celebrate the good in your life. Connect within, breathe from your heart, feel your strength and your passion for life. Claim the present moment, including all of the the challenges and circumstances that have led you here. Hold curiosity for new insights and new ways that you can strengthen your connection to joy and the vitality of your inner light.

This light within is the fire that fuels your soul and illuminates the path of new beginnings.

Happy New Moon!


New Moon Message: July 31st – Aug. 30th

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