Libra Full Moon

Happy Full Moon!
The Libra Full Moon occurred on sunday, march 28th at 11:48 am pdt.

Our Libra Full Moon offers you the opportunity to experience new qualities of intuitive clarity through inner balance and alignment. These qualities will help you transcend any experiences of challenge, uncertainty and change you may be facing in your life.


The astrology chart for the Full Moon is a rare kite formation, with the Sun and Moon forming the spine of the kite. The kite symbolizes personal expansion and new intuitive insights, especially through the qualities of grounding and centering within.


This is a time for connecting firmly within your heart for your foundation and support. When you are centered and grounded within, you’ll receive new inspiration and creativity, and you’ll find the will power you need to live from your own authority and inner truth.

Libra Theme: Adjustment through Inner Balance

The Adjustment card in tarot represents the Libra Full Moon. The teachings here express the importance of learning to balance your relationship to life through the power of inner alignment.


The Priestess in this image illustrates this principle, as she balances her entire being on the point of the sword of Truth.


This represents you, now, receiving new abilities to connect within in order to find equilibrium in all circumstances, both within and without.


The key is to remain flexible, focused, and willing to surrender control so you can receive the support that comes through your commitment to inner Truth. In this way you can experience clarity and peace of mind, and come to equilibrium in all of your circumstances, whether between self and others, or your inner and outer worlds, or the past, present and future.


Libra is an air sign, connected to your intuitive mind, and very expansive by its nature. The blue and green colors of the card show the spiritual connection between Truth and Love and the willingness to surrender to something larger than oneself.

The Full Moon Spread

The Full Moon tarot spread offers messages of practical advice and inspiration to support your ability now to fully receive the illumination of this time.


The first important thing we see in this spread is the presence of two Aces. The Aces represent new gifts and new qualities of life. With two Aces present, this spread affirms the opportunity to truly experience a new awakening.


The Ace of Cups (to the left) is in the position of Body and Circumstances. This represents a new experience or gift of Love. This is not a superficial love; it’s the Love of true compassion and surrender to Life. The Ace of Cups is encouraging you to approach life with a full and open heart. By seeing with the eyes of Love and surrendering to this power, new possibilities and truths will be revealed.


The Six of Disks, Success, (center) is in the position of Mind and Awareness. You’re reminded here that the experience of true success comes first from awareness within. All new creation is experienced first on the inner planes. The more you are able to live in trust, through inner alignment and harmony with your heart and mind, the more ease you will feel and the more you can participate intentionally as life unfolds.


The Ace of Disks on the right is in the position of Spirit. This Ace represents new manifestations and new creations in the physical world. In the position of Spirit, the message is that these gifts are on the way. They are being prepared in the realms of Spirit and Source. Your job now is to trust, and focus on your alignment and connection through inner harmony and ease.


The Queen of Swords (center) offers the final element for the spread. She represents new levels of personal mastery, especially through your commitment to those practices that cultivate inner clarity, inner harmony and alignment.


The Queen also happens to be the court card for the Libra Full Moon, which further affirms the strength of this message of inner alignment and balance in the face of change.


This is a special time. The astrology of our Full Moon is pointing to a new opportunity to expand your focus and intuition so you can make good decisions and come to equanimity with all that you see and experience in life from the wisdom of your strong heart.


You have the willpower now to commit to yourself. Move your focus within. find your still center, and you’ll connect with inspiration and the courage to express your authentic Self with love. By doing so you encourage others to do the same.


Trust the wisdom of your heart, ground above and below, and allow yourself to fully express the truth of the highest and best that you see, both in yourself and in others.


Happy Full Moon!

PS – As much as I love sharing them with you, I wasn’t able to complete a video this time to accompany the Full Moon written message. (I did my best, but time didn’t expand quite enough over the last couple of days to enable that part of the project:) To learn more about our beautiful Full Moon Kite, I recommend checking out Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon article, Grounding Oneself in the Midst of Chaos and Change.

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