Lunar Eclipse Message, Part I

Happy Full Moon and Happy Lunar Eclipse!

We had an incredible Lunar eclipse viewing here in Seattle on January 20th. The feelings of beauty and harmony were palpable. Those experiences are part of the signature that’s available to each of us now as this eclipse activates a threshold of personal opportunity and growth.

Because of the significance of this event, I’ll be sending out two video messages. In today’s video message I describe some of the general energies of the eclipse portal and how you can personally connect with these potentials. Tomorrow I’ll share the Eclipse tarot spread with practical details.

We’re in the final two weeks of the Earth Dog year.  This is a powerful time of integration before the Pig Year begins on February 5. Although the eclipse has already happened, the effects of this event are far-reaching. Whenever you’re listening to this message is the perfect time to connect to the possibilities for your own life! (You’ll have to listen to the video to find out why I’m wearing a goofy hat, and what that has to do with the eclipse…)



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Lunar Eclipse Message

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