Virgo Update: Symptoms of The Shift

Hi Everyone,

This Lunar update is coming a few days after the Virgo New Moon, during the Crescent phase of our current Lunar cycle.

If you’re like me you’re very aware of the “bigness” of the energies in the world. We are absolutely on the threshold of new creation. It’s happening in our personal lives and it’s also happening in our larger culture.

Crescent Moon is all about harnessing your creativity and will power to show up to new momentum. This is a great time to connect with the feeling of adventure in your life.

Are you feeling a sense of impending and exciting change? Perhaps you’re also feeling impatience, since what’s coming isn’t here yet? Perhaps you sometimes even have an odd sense that you’re living in the past, that something entirely new is just around the corner?

In the midst of adventure do you also sometimes feel unsettled, or confused, or even slightly disoriented and not entirely comfortable in your own skin?

As crazy as it might sound, all this is normal. These are all symptoms of the deep transformation that’s happening, within and without. We’re engaged in a great cycle of new birth. Like the imaginal cells of the butterfly in the cocoon, we are experiencing a dissolution of the past in preparation for new creation.

The good news is that we’re traveling together.  We are creating our new world, one day, one breath, at a time.

The following reading is a direct message from the Universe to YOU, encouraging you to know that the new creations are real, even if they haven’t physically manifest yet.

Dream BIG. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities. Trust your Inner Guidance. Take one step at a time. Travel with your pack. Appreciate the Beauty and focus on the Good. We’ve got this!



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Virgo Lunar Update: Sept. 14 – Oct. 8

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