Munay-Ki Ceremony & Sound Bath

with Ashera Serfaty
& Elizabeth Schermer

Sunday, June 2

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This transforming afternoon with Ashera and Elizabeth combines the powerful Andean Munay-ki rites with the healing power of sound.

The Munay-ki are energy transmissions and initiations given to us from the Q’ero medicine lineage of Peru.

The word Munay means “I love you,” or “Be as thou art.” The word Ki means power, so Munay-Ki can be translated as “the Power of Love.” These rites are designed to help each person connect more fully with their true self within. Each transmission carries specific energetic codes that are designed to clear, and heal, and upgrade your energy field and your DNA.

Ashera studied directly with the Q’ero in Peru and she has received training in this lineage. She will transmit the rites to each person individually.  Elizabeth will accompany the rites with a sound bath. The healing vibration of sound amplifies the power of the Munay-ki transmissions and helps them anchor within.

Receiving the Rites

During this ceremony you will receive three of the nine rites of the Munay-Ki tradition. These are offered sequentially. Those who received Foundation Rites at our ceremony in February will receive the Lineage Rites.

  • The Foundation Rites
  • The Lineage Rites
  • The Rites to Come

For those who are new to the rites, this will be a wonderful introduction. Those who have already received the rites will experience a deepened healing and re-energizing of the transmissions.

This is the second time the Mystery School has hosted Ashera for Munay-Ki, and we’re really looking forward to this special day.[spacer height=”20px”]


When: Sunday, June 2.
Time: 1:00 – 4:30 pm, doors open 12:45.
Location: The Alchemy Mystery School in Edmonds, WA.

You’ll receive information on location and other logistics when you register.

Energy Exchange: $95.00

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Space is limited!
Reserve early to guarantee your place.

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About the Munay-Ki

There are a total of nine Munay-ki rites. Each rite attunes the body and re-infoms our DNA so we can live and grow and age differently.  The rites also clear our luminous energy fields of the psychic sludge left by past traumas and raise the level of vibration. In addition to the Foundation Rites described above, there are two more categories of Munay-Ki. called The Lineage Rites and the Rites to Come.  These remaining rites will be offered over the coming months for those who desire to continue and receive more.

The original Munay-ki energies as given by the Q’ero are called “Karpays” (transmissions). Traditionally these rites were isolated to the Andes, and one would need to spend years in apprenticeship in order to receive these powerful initiations. The Q’ero recognize the urgency of our times, and in 2006, they felt it was time to share the energy of these powerful initiations in a form that was accessible to people around the world.

Because the rites and transmissions are needed right away, the traditional Karpays are also now transmitted as the Munay-ki rites to enable many more people all over the world to receive them. Ashera is inspired to have the opportunity to transmit these intiations.  Learn more about the Munay-ki tradition here.

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About Ashera

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Ashera Serfaty of Luminosity Healing Arts is a Transformational Coach, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Advanced Theta Practitioner.  She weaves ancient wisdom with easy-to-practice tools to awaken others’ authentic power and purpose.

Ashera has trained for over 15 years in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing in a variety of lineages. In addition, while living in Peru for seven years, Ashera trained directly in the Andean indigenous traditions and the lineage of wisdom keepers.  Ashera is a full Mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition and has received the sacred rite transmissions from the Q’ero wisdom keepers from the Andes.

For the past twelve years, Ashera has worked with individuals in her private practice, as well as leading workshops, trainings and transformational retreats. As a practitioner and guide Ashera is passionate about assisting others on the path of remembering their true authentic selves, their life purpose and freedom,

To learn more about Ashera and her work, and to schedule a personal session, visit her website at

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About Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Schermer is the founder of the Alchemy Mystery School.

She is a gifted energy healer, teacher and guide who is committed to supporting others on their highest path of purpose.

Elizabeth loves her work with the Mystery School alchemy bowls (some of which recently traveled to Peru) and she is eager to contribute to the powerful Munay-ki rites in this way.

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