Sagittarius New Moon: Making Art with Your Life

Happy New Moon!

The Sagittarius New Moon occurred on Tuesday, November 26th at 7:06 am PT.

This week’s Sagittarius New Moon can give you a jump start of clarity and new awareness of what truly matters in your life.

Sagittarius energy helps us use our knowledge and imagination to take our lives to the next level. The energy is fiery, filled with courage, inspiration, creativity and the determination to move beyond what we have known before.

The astrology chart for this New Moon is truly remarkable. There are opportunities for new awareness, more willpower, inner calm, the ability to commit to what you value, and new capacities to make personal adjustments and improvements in order to follow your inner guidance. (For more specifics on the chart, see the New Moon video at the end of this message.)

Making Art with Your Life

This New Moon is about fully engaging in the Art of who you are.

The Art card in tarot represents Sagittarius. This image is filled with symbols of alchemy. In traditional alchemy the quest for gold (the Orphic egg in the background) represents the gold of consciousness, your journey to your Higher Self, and your quest for the Truth of who you are.

Every New Moon is a new beginning. Each month you have the opportunity for a re-boot with new opportunities for learning and growth. The more you’re able to flow with the new momentum, the more you’ll be able to experience the benefits of new growth in the days to come.

The momentum with this particular New Moon will most easily come when you’re able to connect to feelings of calm, poise, and trust.

By making inner adjustments to align with calm, ease and flow, you’ll receive new insights and new awareness. You’ll be able to see beneath the surface appearance of things, understand deeper meanings, see new possibilities, and trust in the bigger picture of your life.

Watch the following astrology and tarot reading to learn more about how you can connect with your own path of abundance and alchemy in the days to come.

Here’s to the great adventure of making Art with our Lives!



New Moon Message: Nov. 26th – Dec. 26th

[youtube id=”CFJUkwtukjY” title=”Sagittarius New Moon Message Nov 2019″ details=”New Moon message and intuitive reading for the Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th, 2019. Elizabeth Schermer and the Alchemy Mystery School.”]

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