New Moon Tarot: Abundance Here and Now

Happy New Moon!

The Taurus New Moon occurs on Tuesday, May 15th at 4:48 am PDT.

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This month’s New Moon offers you the opportunity to connect more personally with true abundance. especially through your relationship to all of the resources and blessings in your life.

The energy of Taurus is all about experiencing the beauty, strength, and value of this world, including all of the practical resources that support you in your daily life.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which teaches us about living in the world through the power of the heart. In this sense the Taurus New Moon is about falling in love with your life.

The Hierophant is the tarot card for Taurus. “Hierophant” was a name in the ancient world for a high priest, someone schooled in the arts of astrology, mathematics, and medicine.

In modern terms we call the Hierophant the”Healer & Teacher.” He is that aspect of our Higher Self who helps us learn how to be in the world in practical and loving ways.  The Hierophant teaches us how to fully embody our light and the truth of who we are.

In short, the Hierophant helps us learn what it truly means to be a “Human Being,” and how we can experience the blessings of this physical world.

As you celebrate the New Moon, set the intention in the days to come to receive new insights and experiences about your relationship to all forms of abundance.

You might begin with the simple question, “What does it really mean to be abundant, and what can I learn about abundance that I haven’t understood before?”

The Practice of Rejoicing

The Buddhist “Practice of Rejoicing” refers to the practice of expanding personal well being by celebrating the blessings of those around you. It is said that when it’s offered with intention, this becomes the most powerful spiritual practice of all. When we open our hearts to authentic celebration of the blessings in the lives of others, we break down walls of separation, including our perceptions of isolation and our fears of lack and scarcity. When we’re able to live fully from the heart, authentically celebrating the blessings we witness in the lives of those around us, we amplify these blessings and they multiply – for us and everyone else.

This experience of the larger truth of abundance through the celebration of blessings of others is a key signature of the New Moon.

I invite you in the coming days to explore abundance in your life by celebrating the abundance you witness in the world around you. Celebrate all forms of blessing – in your life and others – including vibrant health, thriving relationships, rewarding work, and all types of physical beauty and luxury.

We are here to thrive. In the words of our friend Louise Hay, “This world is our Heaven on Earth.”

When we open our hearts to fully receive this experience, we are available to the flow of creative momentum in our lives, and ready to receive all the blessings that the Universe holds in store.

Have an amazing month.


Taurus New Moon Spread

This spread was drawn with the intention to receive practical guidance for the coming Lunar month.

  • The Knight of Disks in the position of Body indicates the opportunity to experience new levels of mastery in your circumstances, including the areas of health, fulfilling work, and all forms of material well being.
  • The Three of Disks, Works, in the position of Mind indicates an ability to align with the flow of creation. This includes your ability to make clear decisions and take actions from heart-centered alignment between body, mind & spirit.
  • The Prince of Wands in the position of Spirit indicates support through a huge infusion of creativity, inspiration and will power. This fiery vitality will enable you to burn through limiting beliefs and habits about the ways in which the world works. They will no longer hold you back!
  • The card that holds the key to this spread is the Two of Cups, Love. (drawn as the 4th card, not shown here.) This says that the key to stepping into mastery this month is to live fully from your heart, experiencing and celebrating all forms of connection, bliss, and love.
  • See the video message that follows for more details on the spread.
  • Read Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article for more specifics on the powerful New Moon chart.

New Moon Tarot Reading: May 15 – June 13

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