New Moon Tarot: Transcending the Past

Happy New Moon!

The Pisces New Moon occurs at 6:12 AM PDT on Sat., March 17.

I’m happy to connect with you today at this powerful time.  The Dog Year is definitely keeping us all busy! Each day, more and more, I appreciate the gifts and invaluable support from all those in my pack. It’s really clear that we’re all in this together. Even the greatest challenges turn to grand Adventure when they’re shared.

There’s a lot going on in the Mystery School these days. The big news of the past few weeks is that we have finished moving into our incredible new space. It’s exciting beyond words to have a beautiful environment to call our own. I can hardly wait for this weekend’s inaugural Leadership Retreat, and to celebrate with all of the individuals in our community who have worked so hard to help make this dream a reality.

You’ll be hearing more about our new space and other exciting Mystery School updates in the coming days. For now I wish you a happy New Moon and a Lunar month filled with many blessings and abundant well being.

The Moon card in Tarot represents the Pisces New Moon. This is an image of us crossing the threshold of the known world into the realm of mystery and our deepest inner self. We are protected and supported as we travel (the guardians at the gate), and even in the darkness there is always light within (the Sun just below the horizon).

The New Moon video follows. I was personally moved by the strength of the tarot cards this month, and I look forward to sharing this message with you. The notion of transcending the past (the title of this article) has to do with coming so fully into the present that we are no longer bound by previous patterns. Every moment is a new beginning. We realize there is no blame. Every mistake holds the seed of something new to be born. When we truly learn to live from trust and awareness in the potent present, we have access to unlimited creativity and power.

This is a big month. I also recommend Steven Shroyer’s astrology article for additional insight into the unique opportunities within the coming days.

Blessings to You,


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New Moon Tarot: March 17 – April 17

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