New Year Tarot: Crossing the Threshold

This year we cross the threshold into 2018 under the light of the Cancer Full Moon, delivering a blessing of harmony and hopeful possibility to the world.

Despite the many challenges, this truly is an incredible time to be alive. The world is much larger than we have imagined, and we are capable of much more than we have known.

The coming year is filled with promise, especially when we join together. and I’m eager to share the journey ahead with each of you.

May your personal celebrations be filled with hope and new visions of potential, for your own life and for our global family.

With Love,

The Cancer Full Moon occurs on Monday, January 1, at 6:24 pm PT.

The Full Moon on New Year’s Day is illuminating our world with new possibility.

In tarot, the Chariot card represents the Cancer Full Moon. The symbols here speak to your ability to be fully at home in the world, and to feel secure and grounded in your personal power so that you’re able to trust your highest path moving forward.

The energies of this Full Moon are both personal and global, uniting each of us with larger realms and larger visions of potential.

On a personal level, this is a year to step into new awareness of your true purpose in the world. On the global level, this will be a year in which we have the opportunity to come together as a human family in order to create new systems and new structures that serve us all.

At the same time, the necessary process of dismantling will continue, especially those structures and systems that are obsolete. We will be required this year to release old ideas and beliefs about the nature of reality, in order to expand more fully into the truth of who we truly are.

There is a golden path before us. This is a time to trust and say “Yes!” to the adventure that lies ahead.

The following tarot reading offers a message of blessing and opportunity for the coming year, as well as practical advice for the days ahead. It is sent with much love and appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with each of you in these amazing times.

Happy New Year!


PS – I recommend Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon Astrology article for more specifics on the energies for 2018. To learn more about the message of “Trust” (The Empress card in the Full Moon spread), see the Dec. 31 Daily Message on my YouTube channel.

Full Moon Tarot: A New Year’s Message for 2018

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