Pisces Full Moon: Trust Your Inner Truth

Happy Full Moon!

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on Sunday, August 26 at 4:56 am PDT.

The Pisces Full Moon is full of freedom, grace, and compassion. There’s a quality of blessing to this Moon. It will help you connect with your intuition, strengthen your trust in inner guidance, and release old limitations so that you can experience the world in new ways.

The experience of new-found freedom is directly tied to inner truth. It comes through your willingness to feel deeply and embrace experiences of contrast and change.

Rely now on your connection to spirit and Source and your alignment within. Listen to your heart. Remember, it’s your heart, aligned with love, that tells you what is true. It’s your heart, aligned with love, that helps you use your intuition to make meaning of your experiences of the 3-D world.

It’s important now to hold curiosity and be willing to look at circumstances – and all of life – in new ways.  What have you not seen before? What nurtures you? What brings fulfillment and what holds you back? Your perceptions of reality and habits of thought may be challenged in order that you can explore new possibilities and expand your relationships with others and the world.

We will all be required to release preconceptions about the way we think things are (or have been), so that we can gain new perspectives and new understandings.

The message in the following tarot spread is one of the most beautiful and specific that I can remember. There is enormous support available now as we continue to explore the truth of who we are and what is possible in our world.

Happy Full Moon!


Full Moon Message: Aug. 26 – Sept. 9

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